MUA Monday – Classic Eye Makeup

This weekend I decided to create an easy and simple classic eye look that will always be great for day or night time wear. It’s very appealing to wear on it’s own or with a bright lip. I created the look in a few easy steps using the our  BH Day & Night Palette, which is our newest makeup palette launching in a few weeks!

First, prime the lid and apply a neutral matte taupe shade from the “Day” half of the palette that matches your complexion best. Then, select a shimmery brown shade that is slightly darker from the “Night” half of the palette and apply into the crease of the eye. Blend the colors well using a blending brush. Follow by applying a darker brown shade from the same section of the palette into the outer corners of the eyes. Next, create the cat eye look using the Liquid Eyeliner and lightly winging it out toward your temple. Top off your lashes with some mascara. For a little more night time drama, line the waterline of the eyes using the Waterproof Eyeliner in Onyx, and fill in your eyebrows with a matte brown shade as I did in the photo.

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