New York Fashion Week Beauty Recap

During New York Fashion Week, women can learn a great deal about the hottest beauty trends. Designers create and execute makeup looks for models to strut down the runway and display the trends for everyone to see. Some of the beauty trends from last week’s fashion show are bright and daring, while others are more subdued. Here are four of the hottest beauty trends shown during last week’s fashion show.

Pink Eyeshadow: Pink eye shadow was one of the hottest beauty trends during New York Fashion Week. Models wore bright pink eye shadow on their eyelids and kept the rest of their makeup simple. If you want to try wearing pink eye shadow, avoid applying it to your bottom lash lines; doing so can make you appear sick. Also, avoid wearing pink blush and pink lipstick with this look; all the pink can look overpowering. Try the pink shades from our 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 5th Edition! You will definitely find the right pink to work with.

Blue Eyeshadow: We saw blue eyeshadow at Kate Spade’s runway show and many more, which was a wonderful surprise! Blue eyeshadow usually has a bad rep, but we’re happy it’s coming back strong for next year. Try mixing dark and light blue eyeshadows, or create a smoky eye look with navy blue. We’re also seeing blue eyeshadow worn by celebs like Selena Gomez.  Take a look at our Smoky Eye Palette for a variety of blues!

Nail Art: Nail art is definitely all the rage right now. During New York Fashion Week, models strutted down the runway with all sorts of funky designs on their nails. Polka dots, graphic prints, geometric tips and flowers were just some of the nail designs featured at the show. These nail art designs can be worn on women of all ages and will look very trendy and cute.

Pin Straight Tresses: Pin straight tresses are definitely very in right now. Several models wore their hair very straight as they walked down the runway. Very straight hair can give you a very sleek and sophisticated look. If you naturally have pretty wavy hair, it might take 40 to 60 minutes to get your hair pin straight. After you have dried your hair with a blow dryer and round brush, separate your hair into four sections and begin straightening each 2-inch strand with your flat iron.

Don’t hesitate to try all four of these beauty trends out!



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