Paris Fashion Week Makeup

Paris Fashion Week has come and gone, ending the world’s semiannual fashion extravaganza. If you weren’t blessed to be in Paris to attend this year, you can still get a glimpse of runway fashion and makeup. The week was characterized by a lot of neutrals, icy pastels, 1980s drama, and innovative shapes.

Fashion trends

Balmain stuck to neutrals with a 1980s edge – shoulder pads were spotted on many pieces!  The detailing was intricate, revealing crocheted seashells. Balenciaga also stuck to a cool palette with lots of texture. The skirts were the most striking feature of this collection with front and back reversed. Carven also stuck mostly to neutrals with plenty of fun cutouts. Christian Dior juxtaposed playful airiness with neon brightness.

Hair and makeup trends

Hairstyles were all over the map this week. Balmain, Christian Dior, and Damir Doma pulled hair back severely in tight buns. Felip Oliviera Baptista let hair loose around the shoulders. Sonia Rykiel, Ann Demeulemeester, and Vanessa Bruno parted hair straight down the middle for a flowerchild vibe in keeping with the spring theme. The craziest hair award goes to Yohji Yamamoto as models wore bright yellow feathers on their heads.

Makeup ranged from understated to wild. Balmain and Balenciaga opted for makeup as neutral as their clothing palettes. Christian Dior glammed it up with brightly colored blue and green eye lids. Vivienne Westwood’s models sported heart faces done with white makeup.

Take cues from Paris Fashion Week, and have fun with neutrals and texture. Neon and pastels are also continuing to be a  must for spring next year!


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