Plump it up – your pout that is

It's safe to say that most women young and old long for full and sassy pouts that show off red, peach, nude or pink lipstick with confidence. No matter how perfect of a pout you were born with, there are plenty of tools on the market and tricks from makeup artists that can help you create the illusion of an Angelina Jolie-worthy mouth.

Lip plumpers: What are they?
Many young ladies have heard about products that claim to enhance the size of their pout, but few might know what or how these products work. According to WebMD, lip plumpers help to make a temporary difference in the appearance of size of your pout, but not a lasting effect like getting fillers injected. 

As to what makes these products work, the experts report most lip plumpers contain ingredients like cinnamon, ginger mint, wintergreen or even capsicum, the compound in hot peppers that gives them a kick. All of these type of ingredients cause an increase in blood flow to the region you apply them to, in this case the lips, leading your pout to swell a bit, and get slightly more red. 

"These can give you a temporary enhancement that might last a couple of hours," dermatologist Patricia Farris told the news outlet. 

When using lip plumpers you might feel a tingling or slight burning sensation, which can be slightly uncomfortable, but actually means the plumping ingredients are working. 

Keep lips chap-free
Just because you know what type of makeup helps to boost your pout, doesn't mean products like lip plumpers clear up other problems. For example, opting to give your chapped lips a boost might only irritate the region more, or worse, highlight your current beauty woe. 

Luckily, the beauty pros at Huffington Post recently discussed the best ways to live chap-free in order to plump up or sass up your pout in any way you desire. 

According to the experts, the most important step in avoiding chapping is to stop licking your lips! It might help soothe the painful area for a few seconds, but the act will actually make the issue worse. Instead, try to drink more water and make sure to keep your go-to lip balm or chap stick on hand so you can ease the pain.

If you're at home, the best trick to try is to gently rub off the flaky dry skin on your lips by dipping a facecloth in warm water and then keeping it on your pout for one to two minutes. After the allotted time, start to move the cloth around in small, circular motions to easily remove any imperfections. Complete the process by applying a lip balm with hydrating ingredients such as petroleum, since it's a natural moisture trapper. 

Fake it with makeup
If you're less likely to use plumpers, than faking fuller lips with beauty products might be your best bet. According to Marie Claire magazine, the best way to rock a bold, sassy pout it to first apply a lip primer to help lock in moisture and keep products in place. Next, look at different lip colors to decide which hue will look best with your current complexion.

The experts recommend that fair-skinned ladies look for lipsticks that boast blue undertones, such as traditional reds, while those with medium to dark skin should opt for orange-based colors, like browns and brick-tones. 

From here, you'll need to pick up a nude or closely matching shade lip liner to the color you'll be using on your lips. 

"I line along the lips' outer edge to enhance their shape and prevent color bleeding," a professional makeup artist told the news outlet. 

After you've lined in either shade, feel free to apply your go-to lip color and even add a top coat of lip plumper gloss to keep eyes locked on stellar pout. 



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