Rock shimmer right this summer

Though the spring and summer seasons are typically all about being bright, bold and beautiful, some ladies prefer to stick with shimmer to dazzle during the warmer months. If you are in the latter category, you're not alone. Thankfully, the gorgeous Kylie Jenner recently taught us exactly how to shine bright like a diamond for summer without looking gothic. 

Glamour magazine broke down Jenner's most recent look, and following her trend will help you look stylish and totally out of the box at your next party. The best way to rock shimmer right is to opt for a hue that is either bold – think turquoise or emerald eyeshadow with glitter mixed in – or neutral metallics including gold, copper or light cream. 

For example, swiping on a gold shimmering hue on your top lids to the crease lines and then using a bolder green eyeliner on your bottom lids will help you draw attention, but in a good way. On the same note, the experts at Real Simple magazine suggest rocking metallic shimmering hues with false lashes to go from ordinary to extraordinary. 


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