Screams, Sugar, and Spooky Makeup: A Trip to Halloween Horror Nights with Maneesha!

Demogorgons, werewolves, and creepy clowns… oh my! Our #BHFlauntYourHaunt giveaway brought in thousands of spooky makeup looks from our BH Beauties around the country, and we were lucky enough to celebrate Halloween with our gorgeous grand prize winner! Maneesha (@beautif1y on IG) and her husband Bobby flew in from New York for a weekend in sunny Los Angeles, and we brought them to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood for a night of screams, spooks and sweet treats. See the photos below!

Spooky Makeup For Scary Nights

spooky makeup

Halloween Horror Nights may take place in Los Angeles, but throughout the night we journeyed to the Upside Down, Michael Myers’s house, and more with a series of walk-through mazes that bring the fright! The main attraction was the Stranger Things maze - a magical look inside the hit series that lets you enter an alternate dimension and face off with monstrous creatures. There were a few close encounters with the demogorgon - but luckily we all made it out alive!

Scream For Halloween 

 spooky makeup

Of course, sometimes you just need a break from the screams. We gave Maneesha and Bobby the full theme park experience with The Simpsons and Revenge of the Mummy rides, and even shared a delicious pastry from Lard Lad Donuts in Springfield! Have you EVER seen a donut that's bigger than your head?

We had an incredible time at Halloween Horror Nights with Maneesha, and hope she LOVED her trip to LA! Not only is she unbelievably sweet and gorgeous… she also has INCREDIBLE makeup skills! Her winning #BHFlauntYourHaunt entry is a spooky makeup look that’s to die for - taking the creature of the night to the next level with an eerie night owl effect. Anybody else can’t WAIT to try and recreate this spooky makeup look? Follow her on on Instagram for more captivating creations - and connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to share your own!

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