Stay Grounded With Mini Zodiac: Virgo

Happy birthday, Virgo! ♍ We’re celebrating you all month long with the newest addition to our zodiac collection… Mini Zodiac: Virgo! This new palette is all things Virgo: earthy but sophisticated, practical with a dash of creativity, and packed with pigments that channel all the best qualities of this star sign!


Like A Virgo

As one of the most pragmatic zodiac signs, Virgo needs a palette with a wide range of neutral hues perfect for everyday wear. But don’t get us wrong - Virgo isn’t just about practicality! This Earth sign loves to experiment when the time is right, and uses their strong attention to detail and perfectionism to nail any eye look they try. With a range of precious metal and jewel toned hues, plus classic neutrals in matte and shimmer shades, this mini palette has everything Virgos need to show off their star sign.


Color Breakdown

Each shade in the 9-color palette represents a specific facet of the Virgo personality. 

Neutrals: As an Earth sign, Virgos are best represented by classic, natural colors, as these keep you grounded and focused. The 4 browns in various levels of depth represent Virgo’s stability and pragmatism, and support the Virgin’s careful and methodical approach to all things. The oversized baked highlighter in shimmery bronze also channels Virgo’s practical nature.

Jewel: In nature, green is the color of growth, as it represents energy and new life. The emerald green shade in the palette keeps Virgo grounded and strengthens their lifelong commitment to self-improvement.

Precious Metal: While Virgos thrive on tradition and routine, when it comes to makeup, they’re not afraid to try new things – so long as they have the time to perfect it! The palette includes three metallic shades in deep bronze and gold hues that complement each neutral tone and offer the potential for experimentation.



What's your favorite shade in the Virgo palette? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to check out our full range of Zodiac palettes, and stay tuned for more signs to come! As always, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let us know how you show off your star sign!


  • gabriela

    i wish that for my birthday they launch libra palette
    ps this comment is sooo libra haha

  • Jamie

    I wonder if they are going to launch libra palette as well. Would be great!

  • mb

    From a Virgo whose birthday is late – these are all lovely shades
    Looking forward to trying them :-)

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