10 Essential Summer Travel Tips

It’s that time of year again! School’s out, the sun is shining, and you’re getting ready to leave for your big summer vaca! While travel can be good for your soul, it can also be hard on your skin, especially in the summer. From unfamiliar routines, to increased sun exposure and excess sweat, it can be hard to keep your skin happy and your makeup fresh while on vacation. So before you pack your bags and hop on a plane to your dream destination, check out our essential tips for putting your beauty routine in summer mode.

1. Stay Hydrated

Being out in the sun, sweating, drinking cocktails (it’s vacation, after all) will all dehydrate you. Staying hydrated is the easiest way to keep your body and skin healthy and happy. Be sure to have water by your side all day long to avoid fatigue, excessive jetlag, and a puffy face.

2. Wash Up

This may be obvious, but it’s important to prioritize washing your hands and face while on vacation. Traveling in a new place can expose your skin to a lot of dirt and bacteria, so be sure to wash your hands regularly throughout the day and don’t skimp on cleansing your face before bed.

3. Apply and Reapply Sunscreen

We know, we know… you’ve heard it before. But applying sunscreen throughout the day is absolutely crucial, especially while vacationing in a warm climate! One of the most common injuries with any outdoor activity is getting sunburnt, and if you’re like us, you know from experience how much a bad burn can ruin a good time. Start your day with a coat of full body sunscreen before going out, and bring along a small spray bottle to reapply every couple hours throughout the day.

4. Moisturize and Prime

The toughest part about summer beauty is maintaining a fresh face through the heat. Once you’ve cleansed and applied sunscreen, it’s time to create a good base for your makeup. Start with an oil-free moisturizer and top it off with our Studio Pro Mattifying Face Primer to keep your makeup set all day.

5. Less Is More

While we love a full-on face, if you want to keep your makeup from creasing and caking in the summer heat, the best tip is to keep it simple. For perfect summer skin, apply bronzer just to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits you (forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose). Add some balance and a healthy radiance with a pop of blush from our Blushing In Bali palette. Since you’ll likely be producing your own *natural* highlighter (aka sweat) skip overly shimmery shades that will only accentuate your shininess.  

6. Use Waterproof Mascara

If you’re lucky enough to be traveling somewhere with water, waterproof mascara is absolutely necessary! Avoid dark circles under your eyes and enjoy a stress-free swim by using mascara that won’t run.

7. Play With Color

Summer is the perfect occasion to play up the colors in your makeup palette. Vivid shadows, like the ones in our Colour Festival palette, brighten up your face and add a youthful glow that’s perfect for vacation. For longer lasting shadow, don’t forget to first apply an eye primer to minimize creasing and achieve all-day wearability.

8. Pack Versatile Products

Summer vacation is all about relaxing, but packing for your trip can be super stressful. One way to simplify your makeup bag is to pack products that have multiple uses. Opting for a palette that can be used as an eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, and highlighter, like our Duolight Highlight palette, is a great way to minimize your makeup bag.

9. Simple Lips

Try swapping out your heavy lipsticks with a simple lip stain or a fun color with superior staying power from our Liquid Linen Lipstick range. Ensure the color doesn't smudge by lining your lips with our Waterproof Lip Liner.

10. Set It and Forget It

Finish off your makeup routine with a light, invisible setting powder. For added staying power, spritz on a setting spray and lock in your look all day long. 


Got your suitcase all sorted? Don’t forget to carry these basic beauty essentials in your purse so you never leave your hotel unprepared.

  1. Blotting Papers: Whisk away sweat and oil without adding more product that could result in a cakey look.
  2. Lip Gloss: Keep your lips moisturized throughout the day.
  3. Spray Sunscreen: We can't say it enough: Protect your skin! Don’t ruin your vacation with a bad burn.
  4. Hand Sanitizer: Keep your hands clean when washing them isn't an option.
  5. Facial Mist: Freshen up and give your face a spritz of hydration.
  6. Makeup Removing Wipes: Skip the bottle! Wipes are perfect for erasing makeup, cleaning your hands, or even removing stains.
  7. Sunnies: Protect your eyes and look cute while doing it!


No travel plans this summer? Don’t get FOMO. You can capture the essence of a vacation without the hit to your wallet with our Travel Series palettes. Escape to a tropical paradise with our Hangin’ In Hawaii 16-color palette, be city-chic with Love in London, or achieve an island glow with our Blushing in Bali palette. And stay tuned for three brand new Travel Series palettes, coming soon! Don't forget to connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and tag us @bhcosmetics to show off your summer vaca looks!


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