NEW: Take Me To Ibiza Shadow Palette

Hey beauties! Are you ready to bring the party to your palette?! The newest addition to our “Take Me To” series is here, and this time, our BH girl is going to Ibiza!

Take Me To Ibiza

Sandy shores and vibrant nightlife are at the heart of this glamorous island off the coast of Spain. Tranquil by day, and wild by night, Ibiza is the ultimate destination for beach lovers and party-goers all summer long. With a bold array of highly-pigmented shades in 35 versatile matte and shimmer hues, the new Take Me To Ibiza palette has everything you need to take your looks from a day in the sun to a night on the town.



Create sun-kissed looks perfect for a day at the beach using the wide range of neutral shadows, plus two warm bronzers and a luminous highlighter. Subtle glam not your thing? Add a pop of color with one of the blue shades inspired by the glistening Mediterranean Sea, or take your looks from the coast to the club with a wide range of vibrant pinks, fiery reds and opulent purples in matte and shimmer finishes. Sweep on a single wash of color for bold monochromatic eyes, or combine shades for bright, party-ready looks fit for island nightlife.


No party is complete without a playlist! Let these songs from the clubs of Ibiza be your backdrop as you check out our latest palette


What are your favorite shades from the new Take Me To Ibiza palette? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to check out the rest of our "Take Me To" collection, featuring our best-selling Take Me Back to Brazil palette, brush set, glitters, and eyelashes! As always, connect with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and let us know where you want to go next! 

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  • Mariposa Hyperion

    Love this palette and playlist so much 😍🙌

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