The 10 Easiest Halloween Makeup Ideas of All Time

Preparing for Halloween can be a little intimidating, especially if you’ve waited until the last minute (like I usually do). Whether you’ve got a costume planned, or are putting ideas together as you read this, the right makeup can take your look to the next level. Each of these costume ideas is easy enough to be achieved by even the least practiced novice, and can add that extra punch to pull together a look you’ll be proud of this Halloween season.


Doll Face

@sn0ok_doll face makeup_halloween doll makeup_cute halloween makeup

Photo credit: @sn0ok

Not every Halloween face has to be spooky. If “cute as a button” is more your speed, try out this adorable doll face. For an added touch of cute, swap out the flowers for pink hearts on your cheeks. Choose a matching shade of pink lipstick, lip liner and eyeshadow. We love Color Lock Lipstick in Charming, Waterproof Lip Liner in Sorbet and the Ultimate Matte palette for this look. First, outline two hearts, one on each cheek, using the lip liner. Then, fill them in carefully using the lipstick directly, or with a makeup brush. Finally, set the image so it will stay all day by topping each heart with the pink eyeshadow, using an eyeshadow brush to stay within the lines. Pair the look with an adorable outfit and hairstyle and you’ve got a complete costume with time to spare.


Luxe Lizard

@danimaracreative_mermaid halloween makeup_luxe lizard makeup

Photo credit: @danimaracreative

This look may seem complicated, but is made instantly achievable with the use of a basic stencil. Cut a geometric pattern out of a small sheet of paper. Hold the paper in place on your forehead and use a soft brush to apply iridescent or glittery green eyeshadow over it. We recommend any of the green shades from the Take Me Back To Brazil: Rio Edition palette. Repeat this process on your cheek and neck. If you're in the mood for something extra, you can do any precision work with Power Pencil in Shimmer Teal, and add a pop of texture using Eyelights Eye Toppers in Gnarly. Costume contact lenses, intense false eyelashes, and a stand-out lip color will make you look as toxic as you are tempting. Finish the costume with a green outfit and reptilian hairstyle for maximum effect. This technique can be easily adapted to do a mermaid costume, if that's more your style. 


Earth Goddess

@duskyhoney_earth goddess makeup_ice queen makeup_blue halloween looks

Photo credit: @duskyhoney

Honor our Blue Planet this Halloween by trying out this earth goddess look. Keep it simple with blue alone, or increase the impact by using a green pigment to roughly outline continents on your face. Either way, this nature-inspired look needs little precision so it’s perfect for people with very little makeup experience. Use a matte eyeshadow shade, like those in the Modern Mattes palette, and apply it to a damp face or use a wet brush. Blend unevenly around your eyes, lips and face to let some of your natural beauty shine through. Add a jeweled headpiece and temporary blue streaks in your hair to frame your face for this eco-inspired look.


Classic Goth 

@shamelesslydia_goth halloween makeup_wednesday addams makeup

Photo credit: @shamelesslydia

Halloween is a great time to unleash your dark side. Whether you’ve experienced your own goth phase, or always wanted to try out this head-turning look, this year’s Halloween costume is the perfect excuse to go black and bold. A classic choice for a goth costume is Wednesday Addams from the classic Addams Family. First, prime your lids to prevent creasing, then use BH Liquid Eyeliner in Black to fill in an oversized, pointed wing on each eye. Match the eyes with a glossy black lip. Emphasize your look further by choosing a foundation color a shade lighter than normal and using a deep shade of blush to really play up your cheekbones. Pair with an all black outfit (obviously) to pull the look together.


Anime Eyes

@dadollitaz_anime eyes makeup_cute halloween makeup

Photo credit: @dadollitaz

For years, cartoons from Japan have been showing up everywhere, from television to high fashion runways. This easy makeup look can amp up your cosplay for a “kawaii” (super cute) Halloween. First, use a subtle candy shade of eyeshadow on your eyelids, like one of the pink hues from the Take Me Back To Brazil palette. Then use Power Pencil in White to draw a short line just a little below your lashline to make your eyes appear larger. Apply dramatic falsies or a few coats of lengthening mascara to your top and bottom lashes and complete the look with a chunky piece of star glitter in the inner corners of each eye. 


Spooky Statue

Emad Kolahi on Unsplash_spooky statue costume_statue halloween makeup

Photo credit: Emad Kolahi/Unsplash

Like the earth goddess, this look takes a little less precision and a little more creativity. Choose a shade of off-white, matte eyeshadow from the Neutral Eyes palette and apply it to your entire face using a wet eyeshadow brush. Accent your cheeks, nose and forehead using a shade of matte, brick red from the Blushed Neutrals palette. Leave your eyelids, eyebrows and under-eye area white for a sculptural effect. Pro Tip: Swipe your lashes and brows with a little clear mascara or petroleum jelly to make the white eyeshadow stay in place. Finally, just drape your head and body in layers of white cloth to finish the costume. If you can, paint your hands to match your face for additional impact.


Abstract Art

@glowwdaddy_abstract art makeup_artistic halloween makeup

Photo credit: @glowwdaddy

If you’re looking for something a little more avant-garde this Halloween, this abstract artwork look is both easy and sophisticated. Choose one eye to focus on and build your own composition using intense, highly pigmented shades of eyeshadow. You can't go wrong with our best-selling Take Me Back To Brazil palette for this look. Be sure to prime the entire area first to avoid smudges and creases. Use a wet eyeshadow brush and be sure to clean it between colors to improve the contrast in your work of art.


Dazzling Diamond 

@tijerarayemua_fairy halloween costume_dazzling diamond halloween makeup

Photo credit: @tijerarayemua

Glitter and gems have gotten a lot of use in festival looks recently, so why not apply a little of that same magic to your Halloween costume this year? First, use silver sparkly eyeshadow from the Supernova palette on the apples of your cheeks. Then, apply some clear gems in a symmetrical, geometric pattern to your cheeks and forehead using eyelash glue. Add texture and extra shine using Eyelights Eye Toppers in BFF. Finally, dust your face and hair with Diamond Dazzlers loose glitter in Opulent for a twinkling finish. This is a makeup look that will complement any intergalactic or fairy themed costume, or just make you look like the star you are.


Modern Witch 

@paintyabodyart_modern witch makeup_classic halloween costume

Photo credit: @paintyabodyart

Modern witches are much more than pointy hats and broomsticks. Buck the stereotype with this updated, witchy look. Start off with Power Pencil in White or Black and draw some graphics on your face, like moons, stars or dots on your forehead and cheeks. Add some mystical jewelry, dramatic falsies and an oversized hood. You can't go wrong with this quick and classic Halloween look.  


Feisty Feline

@lucieartistry_cat halloween makeup_feisty feline costume

Photo credit: @lucieartistry

If you’ve really waited until the very last minute, a cat costume is a time-tested standby. Even if you only have a minute to throw together a costume, you can still do better than just some pointy ears and a tail! This easy makeup look only requires a black eyeliner and some false eyelashes. Use Power Pencil in Black to color in the bottom of your nose and your upper lip, then connect the two with a line down the center. For a cute and classic cat, add a few dots to your cheeks to mimic whiskers. If you want to take it up a notch, use a black and brown eyeliner to draw lines on your cheekbones and hairline to mimic fur, then pump up the fun factor with some full, false eyelashes. Of course, don't forget the classic cat eye liner look. You may not be the only cat at the party, but you’ll be the best looking. 


Which easy Halloween costume do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to send us your spookiest makeup looks!


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