The 3 Beauty Products You Need for Festival Season

We’ve all heard it… “if you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 ____ would you bring?” Plot twist: all the Coachella attendees will ACTUALLY be stranded in the desert, and have limited space for all the beauty essentials. Don’t worry though, we’re here to tell you our top makeup tips to dazzle like a desert diva, providing all-day slaying power while you dance and dazzle under the stars!

Body Glitter

While Coachella brings new beauty trends every year, it’s safe to say that body glitter will NEVER go out of style. The sparkly staple can be worn on your face or body - with boho babes walking around with everything from bedazzled eyelids to glittery hair. There’s no shame in being extra! Our Loose Glitter collection features 10+ hues to sparkle brighter than the stars in

the desert skies - ranging from Spiced Pumpkin to Amethyst to Black. Use our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue and Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicators to apply and sparkle like a festival dream!

Colorful Shadows

If there’s one place where you can go all out, it’s a festival. Show your true colors and light up your eyes in bright hues - like the ones in our Colour Festival palette! If you get separated from your friends on festival grounds, they should be able to spot you from a mile away just by your electric shadow!

From bright blues to purples to yellows, this is the only palette you’ll need to make a statement with vibrant hues. Festival season is all about standing out with style, and nothing says unique like a beautiful burst of color! Of course, the palette also has neutrals and transition shades to tone it down a bit for day 2… plus a mirror to check your makeup and do a few touch ups throughout the day. Just grab this palette and our matching Colour Festival brush set to paint the night!

Lip Balm

Sunscreen is the #1 essential for festival season, but lip balm is a close second! Pack a matte SPF lip balm in your bag for a subtle shine that keeps your lips protected from the crazy heat. How you want to wear it? That’s totally up to you. We’re big fans of wearing lip balm alone - adding a hint of sparkle that can easily be reapplied multiple times throughout the day. Not only will you feel extra moisturized, the bare lips will draw extra attention to your bold eye makeup!

In the mood for a bold lip? That’s okay too. Lipstick or lip gloss in the middle of a desert dust storm is a MAJOR don’t, so we recommend a liquid lipstick that dries quickly to a smooth finish - like our Liquid Linen set. Apply lip balm in the morning and let it sit for 20 minutes before applying a swipe of your liquid lipstick, and then apply another layer after it dries for extra protection. As you eat, sip drinks, and make out with bae throughout the festival day, repeat the process as needed. You should apply your lip balm at least 4-5 times. It may seem like overkill, but the last thing you need is dry and chapped lips as you sing along to your favorite artists!

Desert Must-Haves

There you have it, BH Beauties! Festival season is no joke, and preparation is required to make this your most epic Coachella weekend ever. We’d love for you to take your whole makeup trunk with you, but these 3 beauty products will have you looking and feeling your best as you camp out in the desert. Stay hydrated, stand out, and most of all… show off your unique festival style! Comment below or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to tell us YOUR beauty must-haves for festival season!

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  • Cosmetica

    Lipstick or lip gloss in the middle of a desert dust storm is a MAJOR don’t, so we recommend a liquid lipstick that dries quickly to a smooth finish . My Favorite lip brand

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