The best makeup styles, according to boys

Sure, we like to experiment with makeup because it's fun, but let's admit it, a little part of us wants to be noticed by boys too, right? While you may be pumped to test out the next big eyeshadow trend, sometimes the prettiest look is the one that lets your true personality shine.

Minimal makeup
Boys love when you rock minimal makeup, which is good news for the girl who wants to shorten-up her morning beauty routine so she can hit the snooze button a few more times. To achieve this natural look, use a small amount of foundation that matches your skin tone, apply a bit of blush and a quick dash of mascara.

Glossy lips
Loving that new lip gloss? So is your crush! This kissable look is great for day or night – opt for a red or berry hue for a weekend hangout and a more light-pink color for a school day. Plus, it's simpler to apply than lipstick.

Voluminous eyelashes
To make your eyes pop, amp up the volume of your lashes! It's an easy way to make your makeup fun and flirty, so keep the rest of your face simple. Just don't apply too much mascara, or it will begin to clump.


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