Three reasons to use eyeshadow primer

We spend a lot of time focusing on what type of eyeshadow to use, but applying a primer to your lids can be just as important as choosing a hue that makes your eyes pop. This unique beauty product has been getting a lot of attention as of late, and makeup artists say it's a must-have. Here are three reasons you should be using eyeshadow primer:

1. Prevents smudging
Because the primer acts as a barrier between the shadow and your lids, it effectively seals off your oily skin. This helps to ensure that your eye makeup doesn't smudge or gather in the creases of your lids throughout the day, particularly during the warm summer months.

2. Creates smooth surface
Just like painting a wall, putting makeup on your face requires having a smooth surface to work with – that's where primer comes in. Using a thin, even layer or primer will make it easier to apply your favorite eyeshadow consistently.

3. Makes shadow stick
When you put on makeup in the morning, it's nice to know that it will stick around throughout the entire day. Putting primer on your lids before eyeshadow will prevent the color from fading and will help it stay in place all day long.



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