Three tips for pulling off punk

People are still talking about this year's epic MET Gala and the punk theme that inspired some pretty wacky and wild beauty looks. While not everyone may be able to pull off Miley Cyrus' spiky hair or Elle Fanning's rainbow eyeshadow, these tips will help you bring out your inner punk rocker in a chic way.

DIY mohawk
To get a bold, mohawk-inspired look without shaving your head, try a frizzy French braid! To get this unique look, all you need to do is tease your hair before braiding it down the center of your head. Use bobby pins to keep the sides in place.

Pick one "wow" factor
It's easy to go overboard when going punk, but for a more mainstream look it's best to choose one "wow" factor. Whether you choose to use red lipstick or use some crazy colors on your eyes, be sure to keep the rest of your makeup neutral.

Eyeliner perfection
Want to experiment with liquid liner but are afraid it's too difficult? Try using a piece of clear tape to guide your strokes. To make a dramatic statement, combine a cat-eye look with your punked-out clothes.



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