Three ways to wear yellow eyeshadow

OK, yellow may not be the world's most popular shade of eyeshadow, but the bright summer sun has us inspired! If you have the courage to give this bold shade a try, we've compiled three surefire ways  to create a dazzling yellow-hued look:

Instead of going for the all-over look right off the bat, start off slow by dipping your eyeliner brush into a cake- or cream-formula shadow and using it to line your eyes. Choose a dramatic lemon hue, and keep your lips and cheeks natural so you don't detract from your adventurous new look.

Putting on yellow shadow can be scary, but you can easily tone it down for a more subtle, daytime look by adding in brown. After applying a gold-based yellow, blend a bronze hue into the outer corners and creases of your eyelids.

To kick it up a notch, go all-out by emulating the sunset with a yellow, orange and red combination. After applying a beige base, sweep a lemon color across your lids, then add a banana hue to the inner third. Use goldenrod or another orange-ish shade on the middle, and finish it off by blending a coral-red color into the outer corners and creases of your eyelids.



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