Tips for a salon-like pedicure at home

Who said you have to go to head to the salon every time you need your toenails to sparkle? Giving yourself a pedicure is easy and can even be fun when you get your girlfriends together for an afternoon of beautification. Follow these tips for a quick and simple home pedicure:

What you will need:
Most of the items needed for a proper pedicure can be found at home.

  • Salt
  • Pumice stone or foot scrub
  • Wash cloth
  • Moisturizer
  • Nail file
  • Nail cutter
  • Cuticle oil
  • Your favorite nail polish color
  • Top coat

Foot cleanse: First, soak your feet in warm water and salt for about five minutes. Then, take a pumice stone and scrape the bottom of your foot to remove dead skin cells. It may tickle, but this will ensure your feet are not rough at the bottom.

When you are finished using the pumice stone, apply moisturizer to your feet and cuticle cream on your nail beds. Also, use the end of the nail filer to carefully push back your cuticles. The cuticle cream will help ensure healthy growth.

Nails: After you clean your feet, you can clip your toenails to the length of your preference. Then, take a nail file to shape the toenails. Now your toenails are ready to be beautified with your favorite nail polish color.

Use toe separators to keep nail polish from smudging on your feet. If you do not have salon separators, use wads of cotton in between your toes. Be sure to apply a topcoat to strengthen your nails. Finally, apply the nail polish color of your choice.



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