Top 5 Beauty Myths Debunked

We admit, it’s hard to stay away from “beauty gossip” these days, especially with the whirlwind of fads, trends, and theories. Something that somebody’s grandma once said doesn’t just make its way around town, it also makes its way across the world. However, just because a lot of people believe it, doesn’t make it true. Here, we’ve revealed our Top 5 beauty myths:

Myth 1. It is possible to get rid of cellulite.
Reality: Sadly, cellulite is actually impossible to get rid of. This is due to the nature of the substance, which is made up of fat trapped between bands of fibrous connective tissue in the skin. Genes determine who will get cellulite, and there’s nothing you can really do about it. Moisturizers and fake tanners do make it less obvious, but no special product is required to achieve these effects.

Myth 2. Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker.
Reality: Shaving cuts the hair in the middle, at the thickest part. When it grows back, the hair is of uniform thickness from top to bottom, instead of tapering to a point like uncut hair does. While this means that it is true that the tip of each hair is thicker, it has no long-lasting effect.

Myth 3. You can shrink your pores.
Reality: Pores come in the size that your genes create. Like cellulite, there’s nothing anyone can do to shrink their pores. However, egg whites can temporarily give you the illusion of smaller pores.

Myth 4. Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks.
Reality: Stretch marks occur when collagen fibers break during rapid expansion of the skin. This is most common in pregnancy, but can occur during puberty and other periods of rapid weight gain as well. Cocoa butter rubbed on the area is said to prevent marks, but it doesn’t penetrate the skin anywhere near deeply enough to do so.

Myth 5. Dry skin comes from dehydration.
Reality: Skin is kept hydrated and supple with natural oils, not water. While being dehydrated is definitely bad for you, it doesn’t necessarily affect your skin’s appearance. If you are sufficiently hydrated, you can definitely still have dry skin. Bottom line? Drink more if you think you need to, but use a moisturizer for your skin. reveals the truth on more beauty myths!


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