Top 5 Grooming and Makeup Tips for Men

Have you ever caught your boyfriend stealing your makeup? You’re about to… because we’re bringing our favorite grooming and makeup tips to the beautiful boys in your life! The time has come to finally let men in on our secrets to flawless skin, amazing nails and more!

We know what you’re thinking… plenty of guys will be hesitant to dip into our creams and powders. But we’ve got a secret… that male model on the pages of GQ  is wearing makeup. So is Ryan Reynolds on the red carpet, or even your best friend when you go out to watch the big game. Makeup for men is more popular than ever before, and we’re here to deliver our top beauty tips and tricks for your most man-tastic looks!

1. Wash your face before bed - daily

Seriously, EVERY DAY. Plenty of beauty enthusiasts are aware of this golden rule, but we all know that person who doesn’t clean their skin or *shudder* washes it with a bar of soap! Washing your face every night is just, if not more, important for the boys - and we’ll tell you why!

Men generally have higher levels of the hormone testosterone than women, meaning that they have thicker and more oily skin. This can lead to longer-lasting acne and lots of blackheads, ugh. The best way to combat these issues is for guys to wash their face EVERY night with a good face wash! It’s relatively cheap, easy, quick and will remove most sweat or dirt from throughout the day. To dig far below the surface and remove ALL the grime you’ll need to exfoliate… but more on that later!

Once your skin is clean, it doesn’t hurt to moisturize! Experts say that moisturizing once in the morning and once at night keeps skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing. It’s even more helpful if you’re especially active and tend to sweat a lot!

2. Foundation and Concealer: Your new BFFs

Let’s be real… this dynamic duo is the holy grail of makeup. Didn’t sleep last night? Add a dab of concealer. Have a major breakout? Foundation is your friend. Want to look fresh and natural, yet glowing? BOTH! Foundation and concealer have saved our lives and makeup looks a million and one times, and now it’s time for the guys to get complexion perfection.

For guys with a lot of skin redness… green concealer works wonders to even out your tone and neutralize splotches. Stick concealers are great for flaky skin, as they blend out like a lotion to ensure that they’re barely noticeable. For issues ranging from tired eyes before your big presentation to a pesky pimple on date night, our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer has you (literally) covered. Just add a TINY dab to your finger and apply over the problem area to instantly add vibrancy and color to your face!

If your skin issues stem beyond one area, you may want to try foundation! It’s applied all over your face to give skin a fresh and luminous appearance, while still looking natural. Just be sure to choose the right shade for your face, and refrain from using too much… as a little goes a long way!

3. Avoid hairy situations

Hipster beards, sultry scruff, mustache-only men… don’t let your facial hair get neglected! Just like the mane on your head, the one on your face should be properly groomed and maintained. There’s a thin line between skincare and beard care, and you’ll be a bearded babe with these tips.

Beard oil is the grooming product you never knew you needed - working like conditioner to soften coarse hair, moisturize the skin underneath and tame your beard to make it more easily groomed and styled. While you can apply to any length of bristles, this product is especially important for the bushy boys, as all that hair can irritate the bottom half of your face. A solid skincare routine, regular application of beard oil and regular trims will keep your facial hair looking sharp and sleek.

If your beard isn’t quite to hipster-length and you’d like to add fullness or color, you can brow down with some brow powder! Simply choose your correct shade and apply a bit of powder to the patchy areas to add volume. Subtle and VERY effective. This also works with your brows to darken them or add shape!

4. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Skincare isn’t just a girl’s game! In fact, men often have the most envy-inducing canvas. Are you ready to exfoliate?

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin - deep cleaning pores to rid your face of flaky skin and ingrown hairs, among other things. While soap or even a daily cleanser are great for a gentle wash or keeping away acne, it’s exfoliating that will rid your face of excess dirt, grime, and oil that collects deep below the surface. Not only will your skin look fresh and flawless, you can even get a closer shave… as all the excess junk won’t be clogging the blades of your razor!

There are countless facial scrubs that may be used to exfoliate - ranging from mild to rough in grittiness. We recommend one with glycolic acid, as it dissolves bonds between cells and makes it easier to buff away the flaky skin. While you can easily use your hands to rub into the skin, there’s also plenty of tools designed for male grooming: face brushes, body gloves, and more to add to your collection! Just be sure to exfoliate ONLY 1-2 times per week, or skin will become dry and irritated.

5. Man-icures 


We’ve all heard the term “man hands”, but it will be a compliment once you start pampering your nails! This is as much as much for convenience as it is style, as men who live active lifestyles - such as a physical job or those who love the gym - should keep their nails a reasonable length. Those with long nails can cause cracks, irritation, and bruises to their hands and nails - in addition to letting dirt and debris build up under the fingernail. Ew!

The best solution is to clip your nails regularly to a reasonable length, and don’t be afraid to file! Not only will this add shape and look nice, it will get rid of sharp edges that easily snag on sheets or clothing. For those who bite their nails… stop! Our hands are always exposed and touch EVERYTHING, and the last thing you want to do is bring in unwanted bacteria.

If you’re not into doing it yourself, you can always go and get a mani/pedi! Don’t even worry about being judged, as there’s TONS of men who like to treat themselves. Simply get your nails cut, shaped, or buffed… and the workers will generally remove calluses on your hands or feet. Top off with a clear coat of polish… or color if you’re feeling adventurous!

Boys of Beauty

Who said makeup was just for the girls? Guys are owning the beauty game with their flawless skin, expertly man-icured nails, and perfectly-trimmed beards. Some go even further and love to play with cut creases and smokey eyes! We believe beauty is all about making you look and feel like your best self… and every tip on this list will make our men more handsome than ever! Did we miss any? What’s YOUR tip grooming or beauty tip for men? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share why you love Daisy and your favorite shade from her all new palette. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics!


  • Lisa M

    I double my bf would ever wear foundation or concealer (his skin is nice anyway) but I should definitely try to get him to do skin care nights with me!

  • Brianna

    Hmm. I’ve done skin care nights with my bf but I think we should go all out with these five tips too lol.

  • Katherine

    This article is so helpful that I shared it with my husband and he loved it.

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