Wanted: The perfect makeup brushes

When it comes to rocking beauty trends, makeup brushes are the true stars. Brushes are key in ensuring eyeshadow is smudged correctly and a cheek enhancing product is properly blended. Glamour magazine recently dished on the most important brushes a girl needs, and using such products is sure to revamp your entire look.

Angled brush
The first brush you need to get now is an angled blush brush. These types of brushes work to perfectly contour the space under your cheekbones, offering a natural glow without signs of streaking or other imperfections.

Eyeliner brush
You might assume using your eyeliner on its own is acceptable, but enhancing the product with a brush may be even better. Opting to use a brush following an eyeliner application allows you to have control with the smudging, giving you free reign to try out different styles with ease.

Flat eyeshadow brush
Your current eyeshadow might come with a dinky little application brush, but to really spread the product out the way it's meant to, getting a flat brush is a must. A brush in this style is great for swiping on a hue from your lash line all the way up to your brow lines or outer corners without having to stop. This is beneficial because it limits how many lines you'll need to blend at the end.



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