Wedding Guest Makeup Dos and Don'ts

Have a wedding (or seven) to attend this season? Finding the perfect wedding guest makeup can be tough. We’ve all been there – you want to look good – really good – because you’re going to be in a lot of photos, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying to outshine the bride. Frustration ensues.

While the focus should always be on the bride (and groom!), we’re here to say it’s OKAY to give yourself a little TLC on someone else’s big day! We put together a list of wedding guest makeup dos and don’ts so you can go into wedding season ready to celebrate.

DON’T: Choose a dark lip color
DO: Use a playful peach or pink shade

Pinks are perfect for summer, and they’re a great way to make a statement without yelling it from the rooftops. Try a fun color like Christy from our Liquid Linen collection, and don’t forget to toss it in your clutch for mid-wedding touch-ups.

DON’T: Wear bold, flashy accessories
DO: Use glitz in your makeup

Shimmer without outshining the bride with shadows that have high shine payoff, like the ones in our Opalescent palette. Let your eyes standout by choosing neutral shades for your skin and lips.

DON’T: Apply full-on contour
DO: Go for a sunkissed look

This probably isn’t the time for full-on glam, but you can warm up your complexion by applying a bronzer with a bit of shimmer to your cheeks. Try our Blushing in Bali palette for glowing skin that will look great in photos.

DON’T: Overdo it on the color
DO: Focus on one area

Wedding makeup is all about balance. The trick is to choose one area to focus on, like your eyes or your lips, and apply color to just that one spot. We love a purple shadow with a neutral lipstick, or simple black eyeliner with a pop of pink on the lips.

DON’T: Choose dark, intense eye makeup
DO: Use eyeliner for drama

If you’re not able to leave your maximalist makeup tendencies at home, try focusing the drama on a bold winged eyeliner rather than dark shadow. This can totally transform your face without making too much of a statement. Complete the look with a pair of natural-looking falsies.

DON’T: Apply bold, colorful shadows
DO: Select soft colors

Don’t get us wrong, muted ≠ ideal. There’s still plenty of room for color in your look. Instead of neons and bright reds, paint your lids with pretty pastel hues for a colorful look that’s not too flashy. We love soft pink and lilac for this season.

DON’T: Experiment with new looks
DO: When in doubt, go neutral

You can’t go wrong with nude eyeshadow or a soft neutral lip. It makes for a classic, timeless look that you’ll never regret wearing! Play around with shimmer, matte and sheen finishes to achieve the perfect level of glam without being overdone.

DON’T: Choose colors that clash
DO: Balance your outfit and makeup

Opt for makeup that balances with your outfit. If your dress is more colorful, a sunkissed neutral look is probably best. If your outfit is more understated, you can pick up the color in your makeup with glam eyeshadow or playful pink blush.

DON’T: Wear white (obviously)
DO: Respect the bride’s color palette

If possible, choose an outfit and makeup look that complement the wedding color palette. This will allow you to avoid standing out too much and will be much appreciated by the bride! Obviously, don’t wear white or anything even remotely like white (that means you ivory, silver and cream). Choose something with a bit of color and timeless appeal, like a floral midi dress or a pastel mini.

DON’T: Get caught with sore feet
DO: Bring a spare pair

Shoes can be tough – your heels look so cute in photos but you’ll regret them 2 hours in when your feet are killing you on the dance floor. A great option is to wear heels for the ceremony and photos, but carry a pair of simple flats in your bag to change into once the party starts.

Check out some of our favorite wedding makeup looks below.

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