Winter Skin Tips

Different weather affects different people in different ways. Right now, in California, we are heading into the chilly months (but it’s still in the 80s in the valley!). Weather changes can be extremely harsh on your skin, and this time of year is typically dry and cold. Cold weather can cause some extreme skin dryness and chapped lips and cheeks. Here are winter skin tips to save you from the season!

In the winter, many people experience dry hands with cracked, sore cuticles. One way to keep your hands well moisturized is to soak them in a light oil and wear gloves over the top. A perfect oil for this type of treatment is almond oil or apricot kernel oil as these oils soak into the skin quickly. They are used in a lot of massage oil blends and can be found at many health food stores.

Many sources suggest applying the oils generously to the hands, paying particular attention to the nails and cuticles. Then, wear gloves while you sleep so that they can your hands can absorb the oil overnight without the mess on bed linens. The suggested gloves have been the yellow latex kind you use when cleaning and washing dishes, or even the lesser expensive kind they sell in the paint section of the hardware store.

Another winter skin woe is chapped lips! Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also be painful. Plus, how are you supposed to wear a bold lip color over an irritated pout? A wonderful homemade lip balm can be made by melting coconut oil (three parts) and beeswax (one part) together. After melting them together, pour into a small container and allow to harden. It can used directly on the lips as is, or add an oil-like peppermint or thyme while liquid for extra therapeutic properties of the balm.

Exfoliants can be used during the winter months, but they should not be over done. Sluffing off the dry skin can keep the complexion bright. Undertaking this process more than about once a week, or even once every other week (for the sensitive skin), can leave the skin feeling and looking raw. Try making your own gentle exfoliators: take sugar or oatmeal and combine with light oils, such as the almond or olive oil. This way, your skin can be exfoliated and bathed in moisture at the same time. The exfoliant should be mixed with the oil to form a light paste. After rinsing well with warm water, pat dry.

You tell us: What are your tips in maintaining your skin during cold weather?



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