What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Makeup?

Your astrological sign is a reflection of your personality, but instead of relying on your horoscope to determine how your day will shape up, express yourself with a makeup product that fits YOU. Find out which BH product is your perfect match by entering your birthday below! As a bonus, you can scroll down to see if your Mini Zodiac sign is available for the ultimate stellar match up.




  • MelJacquelyn

    I’m a Libra and I love the Libra color😍❤️♎️

  • Badass_Scientist

    This actually matched me well, I’m surprised! It recommended diamond dazzlers and I love shimmery sparkly eye looks.

  • Andrea Diane

    Totally accurate! I’m a Virgo that usually opts for warmer makeup looks. I find that I normally reach for the brown shades in an eyeshadow palette and that is exactly what was shown for Virgos here, an eyeshadow palette with a ton of browns. You know us 🥰✨

  • Cassondra Fleig

    I literally cannot wait for the Taurus and Gemini palettes to come out!!! They are going to express my true inner and outer cusp-baby elements!!!

  • Veronica Valladares

    I bought the Aquarius mini zodiac palette and LOVED IT! It’s super cute and beautiful blues. I love the color blue and felt that it called my name. #Aquarius

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