Looking for a go-to list of must-have cosmetics? You will find a wide range of items available on the BH Cosmetics online retail shop, but if you don’t have time to browse, this section features some of our best-selling beauty products and tools. From eyeshadow and mascara to lipstick, concealer and blush, you will find the most popular products from our collections on this page, all available at affordable prices so that everybody can make the most of what our brand has to offer.

Let’s begin with lipstick - a product that can, on its own, instantly transform your face. The BH Liquid Lipstick in Glory is a firm customer favorite, and it’s easy to see why. After all, the classic red lip can be worn both day and night, with this being one of the most versatile lip colors out there. Another lipstick product on our best-seller list is the Cashmere Cream Comfort Lipstick, a lightweight and creamy color-rich blend, available in an array of matte shades. For a more defined pout, treat yourself to our Waterproof Lip Liner, which comes in a variety of colors to match your favorite BH Cosmetics lipstick.

For many, a quality concealer and blush are some of the most important makeup products to have. The Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer promises to instantly cover up any imperfections and blemishes, leaving your skin looking so much clearer and brighter. Skin care is important when it comes to looking your best, which is why we have included humectant ingredients in our concealer formula, as this will help to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Once your face is looking flawless, treat yourself to a rosy glow with the Truffle Blush palette. These four sugary-sweet shades not only offer a soft, pigment-rich formula that is so easy to blend and shade, but they have also been infused with the delicious scent of fruit truffles, which will give your face a subtly sweet fragrance. One tip to keep in mind when applying products to your face - make sure that you have already applied any skin treatments, moisturizers and a primer, as this will allow your concealer and blush to glide onto your skin so much more smoothly, while giving it a longer-lasting edge.

Looking for a new eyeshadow? We have numerous palettes available, inspired by the latest runway shows and beauty trends. The Take Me Back to Brazil: Rio Edition 35-Color Shadow Palette is one of our most popular, largely down to its high-shine assortment of shimmery, bold shades. Also included in this palette is a matte black shadow, which you can use to add some serious drama to your look, as well as two duochrome glitters for a burst of sparkle. If you prefer to keep things more toned down, the Ultimate Neutrals palette may be perfect for you. This one features 42 neutral shades, with a mix of matte and shimmer finishes, ranging from light nudes to earthy browns. Mix and match your favorites for a truly personalized look. If you want to enhance your eyes even further, the BH Liquid Eyeliner will provide some extra definition. This highly-pigmented formula comes with a thin tip, making it easy to create a wide variety of different looks. No eye makeup look is complete without paying some attention to the brows, and our Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil makes this so easy. Use soft and small strokes when applying the pencil to any gaps in your brows, or to define your arches, before brushing through with the spooley end to blend everything in and keep your eyebrows looking natural.

For best results when applying your makeup, you need to be using the right brushes. Shopping for single brushes can be so time consuming, making a brush set much more convenient. The Lavish Elegance brush set contains a brush for every makeup application need, from full and fluffy brushes for applying bronzer and blush, to a tapered brush for precision and accuracy. Even better, this brush set comes with a matching travel bag to help keep your tools organized. If you don’t need quite so many brushes, the Marble Luxe 10-Piece Brush Set may be more suitable for you. This ultra-chic marble and rose gold set contains brushes for foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter and the eyes, giving you a little bit of everything to encourage you to unleash your creativity. Of course, nothing quite beats a beauty sponge when it comes to blending, especially the Studio Pro Beauty Sponge. The sponge’s unique shape makes it incredibly versatile - use the rounded end to work on the larger areas of your face, and the pointed end for those harder-to-reach spots, such as around your eyes and the corners of your nose.

Treat yourself to a makeup gift by shopping on the BH Cosmetics website. We offer shipping around the world, to the US and beyond, making it easy for you to get your hands on our best selling cosmetics. Whether you have been looking for a new mascara, foundation, false eyelashes, lip gloss, glitter, or anything else, follow the links on our website to find everything you need.