Give your lashes some extra flutter with the false eyelashes from BH Cosmetics. False lashes have become a huge celebrity trend - you will find countless YouTube videos featuring false lash guides and tutorials, many created by some of the most talented beauty pros out there. This is because, whether you go for magnetic, glue extensions, or anything else, the world of false eyelashes can be tricky to navigate. Don’t worry, the BH Cosmetics shop is here to help!

When it comes to shopping for false eyelashes, quality is key. False lashes can really make or break your beauty game, so make sure that you always go for the best lashes you can afford. The lashes that you will find here at BH Cosmetics are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, with a soft and comfortable texture, along with a gorgeous natural flutter, that makes them so enjoyable to wear.

Many celebrity makeup experts advise that people choose the style of false eyelashes they wear based on their natural eye shape. This couldn’t be more true, as you need your false lashes to enhance and emphasize your natural ones, while seamlessly blending in. You will find a wide range of different lash styles, shapes and lengths on the BH Cosmetics site, so take some time to browse all of your options. If you want a subtle look for everyday wear, try the N-104 for multi-layered lashes that gently taper, something that really flatters those who have upturned or downturned-shaped eyes. Alternatively, the N-105 are clustered eyelashes with some extra length in the middle; a style that is especially popular among celebrities with hooded-shaped eyes. If your eyes are of a rounder shape, try looking for round, curled lashes, such as the D-304 False Eyelashes from BH Cosmetics. These mega-wispy lashes add both length and volume, creating a stunning flutter. The D-306 false eyelashes are more subtle, featuring light flares that are perfect for daytime use.

Not sure what your eye shape is? There are many guides and videos out there to help you to determine this, but, if you are still confused, the Take Me Back to Brazil Eyelashes SM-402 could be just what you need. These eyelashes are made from an ultra-black synthetic mink, and are uniquely layered to work with every eye shape. The BH Cosmetics 3D Lashes are also worth looking into. These super-soft fibers are specially layered to give the eyelashes a 3D effect, making them look even more natural. Want to know what our other customers think of these lashes? You will find numerous reviews on our website, where our customers share their experiences with our products.

For some, it takes a little practice to master the application of false eyelashes, but the lashes from BH Cosmetics couldn’t be easier to apply. Each set of lashes comes with a thin and flexible cotton band, which you should gently wrap around your finger (or a pen) for a minute before using them, as this will help to soften the strip up. Then, hold the strip against your lash line to measure it up, before using some lash scissors to cut them to size. If you want even more control when it comes to application, some pros then cut each strip into four, applying each section along the natural lash line. You will then need to apply some eyelash glue to the strip - don’t worry about having to make an additional purchase, as the BH Cosmetics eyelash sets come with their own latex-free lash adhesive. Go slow with the glue, and give it a few seconds to go tacky before using some tweezers to place the false eyelashes along your natural lash line. Begin with the middle, and then nudge in the outer corners. You can then pinch both your natural and false lashes together to make sure they have blended in well.

Want to give your false eyelashes an even more dramatic edge? Try pairing them with our Stellar Lash Volumizing Mascara, an ultra-black formula that has the staying power to last all day, without any smudging or flaking. The specially-designed brush that comes with this mascara will curl, lengthen and separate your lashes, perfectly completing your look.

False lashes have become a mainstay in beauty and fashion - no surprise, since they can truly transform a person’s look. This is one of those accessories that is only going to continue growing in popularity, making it well worth having a few pairs of your own. If you need any more information, check out the links on our website, or send us an email with your questions.