Everyone has their go-to favorites when it comes to makeup products, but whether you’re a pro or a newbie, there are certain tools and gadgets that are absolute must-haves. Each of the essentials on this list will not only make your life easier and more convenient, but many are also game-changers when it comes to flawless makeup application.

The Quick Change Brush Cleaner

Quick Change Brush Cleaner

This little tool is a huge time-saver when it comes to applying makeup - you’ll no longer have to keep switching makeup brushes each time you use a new shade of powder! The Quick Change Brush Cleaner is made with a special dry sponge that you simply swipe your brush over once you’re done with a shade. 

It cleans the bristles surprisingly well by removing all pigment, and will work with all powdered makeup formulas. 

The Studio Pro Dual Cleansing Brush Pad

Cleansing Brush Pad

Since we’re on the topic of cleaning makeup brushes, this Cleansing Brush Pad is another must-have in your makeup arsenal. The textured rubber works with all types of tools, from a tiny and firm eyeshadow brush to a large and fluffy blending brush - just add water and a cleanser and you’re good to go! 

You should ideally be cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week, making this a tool well worth investing in. 

The Studio Pro Perfecting Sponge

Studio Pro Perfecting Sponge

Everybody needs a makeup sponge, and the Studio Pro Perfecting Sponge, designed for cream and liquid formulas, is one of the most multi-functional out there. Its unique shape makes it so versatile - use the small and pointed tip in those hard-to-reach areas, such as around your eyes and your nose, and save the rounder end for those larger parts of your face, such as your cheeks and jawline. 

Here’s an extra tip for you: for a sheerer finish, try using the sponge damp instead of dry. 

The Lavish Elegance 15-Piece Brush Set

Lavish Elegance 15-Piece Brush Set

This makeup brush set may be exquisite to look at, but that’s not why it’s being featured on this list. Instead, the Lavish Elegance 15-Piece Brush Set is capable of taking care of all of your makeup needs. It contains the perfect mix of tapered and full makeup brushes - whether you want to create a precise and graphic eye makeup look or need to focus on your cheeks, this brush set does it all. 

As an added bonus, this brush set comes in a beautiful chiffon bag to make storage a breeze. 

A Makeup Train Case

A Makeup Train Case

Every frequent traveler needs a good makeup train case, and we promise that this one won’t disappoint. It features a large compartment at the bottom where you can store bulkier products, and then two shelves above this for smaller products and brushes. Sturdy and easy to carry, this case is ideal for makeup addicts on-the-go. 

For added security, this case also comes with a key and two locks, enabling you to keep your favorite products safe. 

A Translucent Setting Powder

Translucent Setting Powder

If your skin is prone to oiliness, then you’re probably well aware of how some setting sprays can exacerbate that shine. Well, this Translucent Setting Powder does the exact opposite - it features a light-diffusing formula that not only blurs away any imperfections, but also controls shine to give your face a matte finish. Don’t worry about the powder caking up either - this formula is ultra-lightweight and silky, making it so easy to blend in. 

Simply use a large, fluffy blush to dust the powder onto your face once you’re done applying your makeup. 

An Angled Brush Holder

Angled Brush Holder

Convenient, functional, and ultra-stylish, this Angled Brush Holder is a must for keeping your makeup brushes organized. The sleekly angled top makes it easy to use, and it is designed to accommodate both small and full-sized brushes. 

Plus, that gorgeous faux-leather texture (which happens to be completely vegan) will complement the decor of any room! 

The Smokey Eye Essential Brush Set

Smokey Eye Essential Brush Set

If you tend to spend a lot of time doing up your eyes, then it is definitely worth having a dedicated makeup brush set for this. The Smokey Eye Essential set features seven eye makeup brushes - although primarily geared towards creating the ultimate smokey eye, they can be used for just about every eye makeup look you dream up. 

These eye makeup brushes also happen to be extremely easy to clean - try combining them with the Quick Change Brush Cleaner listed above for seamless application. 

A Glitter and Shadow Glue

Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue

Some glitters and shadow pigments will stay put on your skin without the need for any adhesives, but chances are that they won’t last for long. Applying the Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue first will ensure a long-lasting finish - whether you use it as a base or layer it over an eyeshadow, this creamy formula dries clear, meaning that all you’ll see is the glitter or pigment that it’s holding in place. 

Use with a brush, a silicone paddle, or even just your finger - either way, every makeup enthusiast needs a good glue. 

A Makeup Pencil Sharpener

Makeup Pencil Sharpener

Precise application is key to a professional finish, which is why your makeup pencils should always be kept sharpened. This Makeup Pencil Sharpener is designed to fit most standard-sized pencils, from eyeliners to lip liners, and has a small compartment to store shavings. 

Don’t forget to regularly clean your sharpener with a Q-tip and some makeup remover to clear out any product build-up. 

These 10 tools and gadgets have the potential to really transform your makeup game. Whether you’re new to the world of makeup or you’re a professional makeup artist, these essentials will help you to create those flawless looks you’ve been striving for.