High-quality makeup brushes can provide your look with a major glow-up. The right brush makes it much easier to apply your makeup, giving you more control, precision and an even blend. There are a variety of makeup brushes to choose from, and whether you’re a beginner or a cosmetics expert, there are certain essentials that everyone needs in their kit. Here are all of the makeup brushes you might need and how to use them.

Brush V4 - Vegan Foundation Brush

Rounded Foundation Brush

This brush has a rounded top with densely packed bristles. It works well for any type of foundation - liquid, powder or cream. The dense concentration of bristles helps to distribute the product evenly and buff it into the skin for a natural look.

Tapered Foundation Brush

Unlike the round foundation brush, this option has a tapered top, and the bristles are much more flexible. It is best for liquid foundations, and can be used almost like a paintbrush to blend the product onto your face. Use downward strokes to extend coverage and then blend out with the top of the brush.

Flat Concealer Brush

This small brush has a flat, dense top that you can use to get into your undereye circles and other tight contours of your face. You can use this brush to apply concealer and to blend it out

Precision Concealer Brush

The pointed tip on this brush gives you even more control than the flat concealer brush. It’s ideal for concealing very small blemishes or doing precision work around the eyes, lips and brows. You can even use this brush to apply other types of product when you need a little bit of extra control.

Brush V11 - Vegan Deluxe Round Powder Brush

Powder Brush

Powder brushes are some of the largest brushes you’ll need in your kit. They have a round shape with loosely packed bristles to sweep powder lightly and evenly over your face. These brushes play well with both loose and pressed powders.

Studio Pro Brush 15 - Blush

Blush Brush

Blush brushes are similar to powder brushes, but they are smaller and slightly more dense. They also tend to be tapered on one side to concentrate the blush on your cheeks. To apply, smile and start brushing gently onto the apples of your cheeks. Blend the color up and out towards the edges of your face. For a natural flush, start slow with the color application and blend out any harsh edges

Brush V3 - Vegan Contour Brush

Angled Brush

This versatile brush can be used to apply many different face products, including blush, bronzer and highlighter. These brushes have a sharper angle than a blush brush, and have more densely packed bristles as well. The angled shape makes it easy to contour your face with bronzer or enhance the high points of your cheeks, nose and lips with highlighter.

Stippling Brush

Stippling brushes are excellent for applying a very sheer finish of powder. You can use them to gently brush on highlighter for a subtle glow, or a slight touch of blush for a natural look. They can also be used with pressed powder for a gentle finish. Stippling brushes always make for a soft, effortless application.

All Over Fan Brush 1

Fan Brush

This brush is perfect for applying highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones. You can also dust it on your nose, cupid’s bow, and brow bone for an extra-glowy look. The fan brush has a thin layer of flexible bristles in a fan shape that you can dust over your face. It’s a great way to apply a subtle finish to the top of your makeup without removing any other powder or foundation.

Selecting The Best Makeup Brushes

BH Cosmetics offers an excellent selection of makeup brushes for all of your makeup needs. When purchasing makeup brushes, focus on the ones you will use the most. For example, if you use blush but not bronzer, you’ll want to invest in a blush brush as opposed to an angled brush. Once you have your basic kit put together, you can supplement it with additional brushes. Look for brushes with durable bristles and handles that will last you through makeup applications for years to come.

Taking Care Of Your Makeup Brushes

It’s important to take good care of your makeup brushes to keep them in the best possible condition. Use a designated holder to store your brush sets when you aren’t using them - this will keep the bristles in good shape and protect them from airborne bacteria as well.

It’s also crucial that you wash your brushes regularly. Ideally, you should wash your brushes 1 to 4 times per month, depending on how often you use them. The more often you wash your brushes, the less likely bacteria and dirt are to build up on them. If you let your brushes go without a wash for too long, they can start to cause breakouts and skin irritation. Buildup on your brush can also affect the way your makeup applies. A dirty brush tends to cause streaking, and you’ll need to apply larger amounts of product to get your desired results.

To wash your brushes, use a makeup brush cleaner or a gentle baby shampoo. You’ll want something as neutral and clean as possible to prevent further buildup on the brushes. Lather up the brushes and wash them by hand, taking care to reshape the bristles back into place as you go. Afterwards, lay them flat to dry overnight. Once the brushes are dry, put them back in their holders for secure storage.

Keep in mind that brushes do need to be replaced every so often. If you start to notice that the bristles on your brush are shedding, or that they aren’t holding their shape anymore, it’s time to invest in some new ones. Replacing the brushes in your kit periodically will make stunning makeup looks and clear skin a seamless process.