The beauty industry has made a major shift in recent years and thankfully, it’s for the better. We’re talking about the cruelty-free movement that is making the art of wearing cosmetics all the more beautiful. While some of the other big boys on campus are still testing on animals, BH Cosmetics has been producing affordable, cruelty-free makeup before it was even a trend (we don’t just follow trends, we create them!). We also pride ourselves on using vegan and gluten-free ingredients, because veganism and dietary restrictions are about much more than what you eat and what you wear.  But if you’ve ever thought to yourself “is my makeup cruelty-free?” or you’re a bit confused about what all of these terms really mean, we’re here to clear up any confusion so you can look good—but feel even better—about what you’re putting on your skin. 

What is Cruelty-Free Makeup?

It’s really quite simple: Cruelty-free makeup is not test on animals of any kind—and not just the final product, but the ingredients that go into the formula, too. While it may seem logical that you wouldn’t want to sacrifice the well-being of a living thing, sadly, many brands still institute this inhumane practice. For some, it’s out of convenience because their company has always been testing on animals and doesn’t want to change. There’s also the fact that new ingredients are being created regularly to keep up with the competition, so new testing is an absolute requirement. You’ll know a product is cruelty-free if you see the leaping bunny logo and the words “cruelty-free.” Don’t be misled if the product says, “this finished product was not tested on animals,” as that still means the ingredients were. Let the cruelty-free makeup bunny lead the way. 


What is Vegan Makeup?


Guess what? Vegan makeup is automatically cruelty-free! Its distinction, however, is that the formula contains absolutely no animal-derived ingredients. While it’s not a bad idea to educate yourself on the laundry list of additives that contain such derivatives, a few of the most common ones include beeswax, gelatin, carmine, keratin, lactic acid, polysorbates, and lanolin. As with cruelty-free makeup, you’ll see the leaping bunny on the package alerting you that it’s vegan, but other things to look out for include words such as “suitable for vegans,” or “vegan certified;” a Vegan Society trademark; and allergen information such as “may contain traces of milk or eggs” because it was produced in a facility that also manufactures non-vegan products. 

What is Gluten-Free Makeup?

gluten free

While not everyone needs to purchase gluten-free makeup, it’s an important movement in the beauty industry because those who are extremely intolerant can be develop a reaction such as a rash or swelling by ingesting even a miniscule amount—like from licking lipstick from lips, for example. Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, oats, malt, rye, and barley which are consumed as food, but in cosmetics, these constituents are used as binders and emollients. If the label doesn’t clearly say “gluten-free,” then be sure to check the ingredient list. 

What is Dermatologist-Tested Makeup?

dermatologist tested

Dermatologist-tested doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is cruelty-free, vegan, or gluten-free. It simply means that it was reviewed by a certified dermatologist and deemed as being skin safe (in their opinion) and void of comedogenic ingredients. 


Check Out BH Cosmetics’ Cruelty-Free Best Sellers

Take Me Back To Brazil 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette


Take a cruelty-free and vegan trip to Brazil with this electrifying, 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette! Inspired by Rio’s Carnival, this set features a chromatic array of shimmers, satins, and mattes, along with 2 oversized dual-chrome, ultra-luminous transformers to really make your peepers pop. This palette is proof that you can have elaborately colored makeup without animal-derived ingredients such as carmine. 



Rose Romance 12-Piece Brush Set With Cosmetic Bag

rose romance

Fact: You don’t need to rely on animal hair to get a quality set of makeup brushes. From liquids to creams to powders, our 12-piece synthetic set will help you apply your cosmetics like a pro—but not at the cost of a squirrel, mink, sable, horse, or goat. Whether you want to create definition in your cheekbones or apply the perfect cat eye, color placement and blending have never been easier! Bonus points for the eye-catching rose gold hardware and white vegan zip-top pouch. 




Nouveau Neutrals 26-Color Shadow Blush Palette

nouveau neutrals

Neutral, yes. But boring? Most definitely not! Not to be confused with boring browns or  sad sands, our cruelty-free, vegan palette features a wide array of neutral hues that pop. Experiment with the matte, satin, and shimmer formulas without having to worry about having a reaction as this palette has been dermatologist approved. 




BH Liquid Foundation Naturally Flawless


Finding the right foundation can be tricky, but not with this new and improved formula. Along with providing lightweight, medium to full coverage, all 24 shades were reformulated to include hyaluronic acid to give your skin a burst of moisture at the same time! Of course, it remains a cruelty-free product and is even backed up by dermatologists.