Chances are that a face mask is now going to be a regular part of your look for a while, so it’s time to learn how to make the best of the situation. Even though, half of your face may be covered up, you still have the perfect opportunity to really experiment and have fun with the other half, using your eyes to showcase personality and individuality. 

Want to know how you can still rock a show-stopping look when you’ve got a face mask on? 

Here are a few easy but effective tips to get you started. 

Tone Down the Foundation 

In order to avoid foundation smudging onto your mask, toning it down would be a good idea if you don't feel comfortable skipping it altogether.

Since only the top half of your face will be on display, try applying a light layer of concealer with a fluffy makeup brush to cover any blemishes.

Bring in Some Color 

Bring in Some Color

Are you someone who usually plays it safe when it comes to eye makeup colors? 

It’s now time to take more of a risk, since your eyes are going to be the focus of your makeup looks. The easiest way to incorporate color is with your eyeliner - rather than going for black or brown, choose something a little more daring instead. A bright teal or a frosty silver can make all the difference. 

Your eye shadow is another good way to experiment. Yes, neutrals are usually the go-to for most people when it comes to daily wear, but, since you’ll be wearing a face mask, you’ve got the freedom to go a little bolder and brighter. 

A couple of contrasting eyeshadow palettes will give you all of the flexibility you need. Whether you want a subtle burst of color or decide to go full-on, make sure that you practice your techniques while you have your face mask on, so that you can see their full effect. 

Sprinkle on Some Glitter Makeup

Many assume that glitter should only be worn for a special occasion, but glitter makeup is surprisingly versatile. Glitter eye makeup is the easiest way to get started with this - simply apply your eyeliner and eyeshadow before topping them off with a glitter glue. You can then dab your makeup brush into a pot of glitter makeup and sprinkle this onto your lids. 

Although glitter makeup on the rest of the face can work well too, this is something you may want to avoid when wearing a face mask. A good glitter glue will hold all of those sparkles in place, but, if your face mask rubs against them, chances are that they will smudge and smear. 

However, feel free to extend your glittery look down towards your body. If you’ve got any skin on display and want to give it an ethereal shimmer too, look for a glittery powder that you can dust on to any part of your body with a makeup brush. 

Enhance Your Flutter With False Eyelashes

Enhance Your Flutter With False Eyelashes

Faux eyelashes can be so transformational. Whether you’re going for natural and minimal or show-stopping drama, false eyelashes can give your look so much more impact. 

If you’re new to the world of false eyelashes, the many options out there can seem intimidating. Look for a style that works well with your eye shape - it always helps to try a few different types so that you can learn what best complements your face. 

For those of you naturally blessed with a long and thick flutter, then false eyelashes aren’t as much of a necessity. Instead, go for a couple coats of a volumizing mascara, keeping the mascara wand close to your lids to add even more definition to your lash line. 

Highlight Those Cheekbones

Cheekbones add structure and angles to the face, and while emphasizing them is already a popular makeup technique, it becomes even more apparent when wearing a mask. Although the rest of your cheeks may be hidden behind the fabric of your mask, your cheekbones will be on display, making it worth giving them that extra definition. 

Use a makeup brush to dust a highlighter across your cheekbones, which will help to illuminate them. You can also apply a bronzer or a contouring product just underneath, to give them more of a lift. 

While you’ve got your highlighting and contouring palette on hand, you may as well also dab some of your contouring product down the sides of your nose, to give it a slimmer appearance. A dot of highlighter underneath your brow bones, in the center of your forehead, down the center of your nose, and in the inner corners of your eyes will also give you some extra brightness. 

Don’t Forget to Set Your Makeup 

Don’t Forget to Set Your Makeup

Setting products help to seal makeup in place, preventing them from smudging and ensuring that your look lasts for much longer. However, they aren’t always necessary, unless you happen to be wearing a face mask. 

You’re probably already well aware of how the slightest wrong movement can cause a face mask to wipe away all of your hard work, but a setting spray will prevent this from happening. If you aren’t a fan of sprays, look for a translucent setting powder that you can lightly dust over the top of your face. These are often better for the summer months, as they will give you a smooth and matte finish. 

Pay Attention to Your Skin 

Now that more and more people are wearing face masks, skincare sales are rising, and rightly so. A face mask can wreak havoc on the skin, and any redness or irritation you face will mean that your makeup routine will take so much longer. 

Even if you plan on keeping your makeup light while wearing a face mask, a good skincare regimen is a must. In addition to ensuring that you never forget to remove your makeup at the end of the day, you should also be regularly moisturizing and exfoliating, while also using weekly hydrating face masks to give your skin an extra boost. 

Knowing how to pull off a flawless makeup look while you’re wearing a face mask isn’t easy, and definitely takes a bit of practice. However, by placing the focus on your eyes, and taking good care of your skin, the looks you create will be as impressive as always.

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