Studio Pro Dual Cleansing Brush Pad

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Keeping your makeup brushes clean just got a whole lot easier with our Studio Pro Dual Cleansing Brush Pad. The textured rubber tool has large and small ridges to deep-clean brushes of varying sizes and densities. Simply place the pad in the palm of your hand, add water and a bit of brush cleaner, swirl brush bristles on the pad until clean, then rinse well. The friction from the ridges efficiently removes pigment and impurities in no time. This pad is rad!
  • Dual textures give you the ability to clean multiple size brushes
  • Cleans synthetic & natural hair brushes
  • Ergonomic design allows for 2-3 fingers to slide comfortably into the strap, allowing for a secure holding position
  • Quick, deep cleansing alternative to other brush cleaning methods
  • Silicon material makes for easy cleaning
  • Vegan

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