Stay Cool With All New Summer Makeup


summer makeup faves

It’s that time again. Get ready for sand, sun, and fab summer makeup! We’ve got plenty of summer makeup must-haves to help you bring the heat this season – from perfect palettes to lovely lippies to beautiful bronzers. Whether you’re chilling by the pool, rocking out at a concert, or heading on a scorching summer getaway, you’ll have your most beautiful summer yet.


summer makeup faves

Bronzer is a summer makeup staple – creating a natural sunkissed glow to complement that tan you’ve been working on! That’s why you need to check out our Brilliance Bronzer – a collection of three ultra-pigmented powders to accent your features like a summer dream. Warm up your cheeks, forehead, and nose for a glow that won’t quit!

Between bonfires, barbeques, and trips to the beach, it can be tough to find time to get your tan on this summer. That’s why our Brilliance Bronzer lets you bake it till you make it! Three beautiful shades are guaranteed to flatter all skin types will providing full coverage for a year-round glow.


summer makeup faves

The right shade of lipstick can make or break your summer makeup look, and our Liquid Linen collection has 10 hot hues for all occasions! Shelby, Martha, and Natalie are passionate pinks to remind you of a sweet summer bouquet, while Maria, Giulianna, and Monica are darker hues reminiscent of a passionate summer sunset.

While our Liquid Linen collection has a range of shades to capture you own unique summer makeup style, there’s no limit to the looks you can create. Maria is a bombshell red fit for sizzling summer days AND nights, while Evelyn is a cotton candy pink that’s perfect for a trip to the fair or amusement park. Stay classy and sassy this season with these summer makeup faves!


summer makeup faves

Of course, we know your summer is already heating up with Desert Oasis! This ultra-hot palette is beautiful – with 14 shadow shades ranging from warm charcoal and soft orange to sapphire blue and fiery red – plus five highlighters to let you shimmer like the desert skies. Use any of these scorching summer makeup looks for inspiration!

Desert dreams are alive with this perfect palette… and so are summer makeup looks! Sweep on these scorching shades with any of our beautiful brush sets – like Crystal Quartz or Signature Rose Gold – to become a mirage come true. Amp up your look even more by combining it with our Brilliance Bronzer and Liquid Linen collection!


Summer love is real with all our new makeup must-haves – and we aren’t done yet! Stay tuned for even more summer makeup faves from BH to create a heatwave of beauty. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your summer makeup looks! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics so we can see you get cool for the summer!

Desert Oasis: Hot Makeup Looks For Sizzling Beauty

Hot makeup looks for desert days… and nights! The desert is a dreamy place where sand dunes go on for miles and tumbleweeds blow past weathered trees… and our Desert Oasis palette takes you to a whole new level of hot! With velvety-rich mattes and shimmers  – plus five luminous highlighters – you’ll be living the desert dream.

hot makeup looks


Desert Oasis takes you on a journey to the scorching Sahara – the place where saguaro cacti thrive creating that signature Southwest vibe, and where the sapphire blue sky meets the muted sandy hues of the earth. Our Desert Oasis palette has all the colors of the desert sky to serve as the ultimate haven for inspiration!

With 14 sizzling eyeshadow shades – ranging from pale pink and cinnamon to sapphire blue and warm charcoal – you can rock the desert dream with hot makeup looks. Every hot hue is aptly named for its dry and divine landscape – whether you go subtle with Sand and Moonscape or create a vision of scorching hot beauty with Hot Spring and Heat Haze.

No desert look is complete without a sunkissed glow – and this striking palette has five hot highlighters to bring the heat. Sweep on shimmering shades like Mirage and Hideaway – or mix and match for a custom shine that’s more lit than the sun and stars.



The desertscape – a slice of the earth unscathed – is a reminder of endless possibilities and the artistry of nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to share just a few hot makeup looks from Desert Oasis! The color combinations are boundless, and we can’t wait to see you create the ultimate hot makeup look tailored to your personal style.


The heat is rising with this Sahara Sun eye look from the divine Zachary Edward! He combined the marvelous matte of Sandstone and Canyon with the shimmer of Terrain for an eye effect more gorgeous than the setting sun. He completes this stunning look with a stroke of Mirage highlighter!


Feeling bold? Go for this Blue Mirage look by the lovely Angelica Torres! Using the matted Dune hue as a base, apply the Hot Spring shimmering blue shadow over the top of your lid, then blend the dark brown Nightscape into the corners of the eyes. Next, apply the glimmering Heat Haze shade beneath the lash line, followed by the golden Moonscape into the corners of the brow bone. Finish off the look with some highlighter – specifically the yellow hue named Bliss. You’ll be a mirage come true!


Discover the dark side with this Smokey Sands tutorial by Lolo! She sweeps mattes like Dune and Nightscape across her lids before adding an inner corner shimmer with Moonscape. To top off this earthy look… she chooses Mirage and Utopia for a custom highlight that’s all kinds of gorgeous!


Radiate the spirit of the desert with this Golden Haze tutorial by the gorgeous Sonia Kiani! She uses a range of hot hues from Desert Oasis – including Canyon, Dune, Nightscape, Sandstone and Moonscape – for this everyday look that we’re living for. She even adds our Studio Pro Lashes in D-303 for an extra touch of glam!


It’s getting hot in here! Get Mojave magic with this exotic halo eye from Jay – featuring Heat Haze, Sandstone, and Nightscape for a ravishing red that’s reminiscent of the desert sunrise. Desert vibes like WHOA!


Desert Oasis is here to slay! Dare to experiment and invent your own color concoctions inspired by any number of desert influences from wildflowers to prickly pear cacti. Build and layer every hot hue for infinite eye looks that sparkle like the sand and sky. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your hot makeup looks! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhoasis so we can see you sizzle!

4 Makeup Tricks to Look Wide Awake


We’ve all done it… stayed up too late working, studying, or watching our favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. As a result, we end up with tired eyes and lackluster skin. No worries! We’ve got 5 fab makeup tricks to transform your look and fake a fresh face in 20 minutes or less.


Sure… the last thing you want to do when running on little sleep is your eye makeup. But nothing covers up tired eyes like good eyeshadow – both matte and shimmer!

The first step to looking more alert is the lids. Choose your favorite matte eyeshadow – preferably a neutral shade like warm brown or white – to blend into your crease and below your brow bone with a fluffy brush. This creates the illusion of larger, wider eyes. Our Studio Pro Ultimate Neutrals palette has a selection of marvelous mattes you’ll love!

Next is one of our favorite makeup tricks ever – it’s quick, easy, and looks great on everyone! Add a small dash of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes to instantly lift your eyes and look more awake. You can use any kind of sparkle you like – whether it’s a shimmer shade from our Ultimate Neutrals palette, one of our Diamond Dazzlers shades, or our Loose Glitter Collection. Apply with your finger or with our Studio Pro Silicone Paddles to instantly look radiant and refreshed!


If you were up all night, it can be tempting to pile on the concealer to cover up dark circles. However, this can make your under eye area look creased and cakey. Less is more! It just takes a few simple steps to apply concealer like a pro and be sure you slay all day.

Primer is a makeup must-have – especially for keeping concealer in place. Apply our Studio Pro Mattifying Face Primer to lock in your look and get ultra-smooth, radiant coverage that helps conceal tired eyes.

Our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer is the best for a flawless complexion, but did you know it also comes in 4 captivating color corrector shades? Find your fave and apply below concealer to effortlessly hide dark circles, discoloration, and more. Blend, blend, blend for a refreshed, radiant look that lasts all day!


There’s nothing worse for our skin than lack of sleep – which is why you need a healthy glow to light up your look! Add a rosy, nude blush to the apples of your cheeks for a subtle burst of color that distracts from shadows or blemishes.

Go one step further and add a touch of rose gold highlighter! This trendy look instantly adds vibrancy – making you look awake and ready to take on the world. Add to your cheeks, nose, forehead, and other features to become a vision of radiance!

You can find both rose gold highlighter and a soft, rosy blush in our Nude Rose Sculpt and Glow palette – everything you need to brighten your complexion!


There’s no better time to utilize the “no makeup” makeup look than when you’re exhausted. Neutral and pastel shades enhance your best features without drawing attention to the dark circles, blemishes, or dark spots that we often get when sleep-deprived. That’s why you can’t go wrong with a nude or pastel lipstick!

Our Nude Lips 28 Color Lipstick Palette is your new best friend – with barely-there beige, rosy pastels, precious pinks and more for your more subtle and stunning lipstick looks. If you’re looking for something a bit more glam, we’ve got your back! Beauty superstar ItsMyRayeRaye created THREE ultra-chic lippies in one ravishing, rosy nude shade – Rosey Raye Lipstick, Lip Gloss, and Liquid Lipstick. Choose your fave for captivating color in one swipe – and a gorgeous look for all occasions!


It can be tough to get a full night’s rest when we all live such busy lives. That’s why you need these quick and easy makeup tricks to fake a well-rested look in seconds! Did we forget any? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your favorite makeup tricks for looking wide awake during work, school, or errands. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your radiant faces!

Marble Luxe: Luxury Makeup You’ll Love


Luxury makeup looks come easy with our ALL NEW Marble Luxe 10 Piece Brush Set – an exquisite collection of face and eye brushes for ultimate elegance. With a dazzling, decadent design and fab features to create a spectrum of luxury makeup looks, you’ll be living the dream.


luxury makeup looks

With one of these luxury makeup brushes in your hand, you’ll be ready for anything. Marble Luxe features:

  • Silky, synthetic bristles for flawless application
  • Use with liquids, creams, or powders
  • Versatile tools that may be used for both eyes & face

Not only is our Marble Luxe brush set versatile and efficient, it’s absolutely gorgeous! With opulent marbleized handles, rose gold ferrules, and two-tone bristles, it’s a beautiful addition to your luxury makeup collection.


luxury makeup looks

Our beauties deserve the best – which is why Marble Luxe has every type of brush you need for your most lavish, luxury makeup effects. Timeless elegance is just one sweep, buff, or blend away!

Whether you want a sultry smokey eye, impeccable arches, or a flawless contour, this beautiful brush set is here to deliver. Prefer to start with the eyes? No prob! Marble Luxe has multiple eye shading brushes – including a diffusing eye brush, classic eye blending brush, eye shading brush and more – for your most exquisite eye effects yet. Pair with one of our gorgeous eye palettes – like Nouveau Neutrals or Marble Collection Warm Stone – for a luxury makeup look you’ll love.

Of course, you can’t forget the flawless face essentials. Use our Deluxe Buffer Brush to seamlessly blend in face products, before sweeping on highlighters with our Duo Fiber Highlighting Brush!


luxury makeup looks

Our Marble Luxe brush set turns your luxury makeup dreams into reality – especially when paired with our other top products! Embrace your elegance with perfect pairings that express your own chic, sophisticated style.

Get eyes that mesmerize with one of our gorgeous eye palettes! Nouveau Neutrals and Marble Collection Warm Stone both feature exquisite, elegant hues for luxury makeup looks you’ll love. Feeling a bit more bold? No worries! Blur the lines between edge and elegance with our ultra-loved Take Me Back to Brazil palette. Use our Marble Luxe brush set to blend, line, and smudge every vivid shade for a colorful sensation that’s as classy as it is captivating.

Our Marble Luxe brush set also matches well with our Studio Pro Cream Contour Palette! Use our Tapered Powder Brush to carve out cheekbones, while our Diffusing Eye Brush doubles as a beautiful blending brush for your nose contour. Enhance your features more lavishly than ever before!


Get swept into the luxe life with Marble Luxe! It creates your most lavish, lovely makeup effects and inspires you to be your best self… because YOU DESERVE IT! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your classy creations! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your exquisite makeup effects!

Green Makeup Goals For St. Patrick’s Day


Don’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day! We’re here to share some of our fave green makeup ideas to adorn your eyes for the beloved Irish holiday. It’s the day of the year you DEFINITELY want to be rocking some green, or else risk getting pinched all day long! Nobody loves bold hues more than BH, and we’ve got tons of green shadows that will make your eyes pop this St. Paddy’s Day.


Go bold and beautiful with this dramatic green makeup look that’s perfect for a St. Paddy’s Day party or night at the club. A fun and festive take on a popular trend!

Our super-popular Take Me Back to Brazil Palette is PERFECT for this look. It’s a divine spectrum of neon colors, with multiple shades of green. Choose your fave and apply to the inner and outer corners of your eye, and then pack the gold shade smack in the center of the lid for an instant St. Patrick’s Day treat that will have others green with envy!

st patricks day green makeup looks
Gorgeous in green! The divine @idaekker1 chose our Take Me Back to Brazil and Ultimate Artistry palettes to create this shimmery green halo eye


For a more traditional green makeup look, go with an ultra-trendy olive smokey eye! The trend is HUGE in the makeup scene – YouTube beauty superstars Carli Bybel and Manny MUA have done fab tutorials – and it’s a great way to go green in style.

Grab our Supernova 18 Color Baked Eyeshadow Palette and use the shade Capricorn to pack your lid with shimmery green. Pair with a sultry nude lipstick for a sultry, seasonal look.


You’ll be giving major Emerald City vibes with this gorgeous green makeup look. Combine the signature green of St. Patrick’s Day with any other color you want – from deep red to glistening gold – for a divine display of Irish pride!

Pick up our Supernova 18 Color Baked Eyeshadow Palette and our Foil Eyes 2 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette and prepare to go green! As all cut crease lovers know, concealer is your best friend. After you’ve applied the transition shade – your choice of shade – above your crease, start applying our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer cleanly across your lid to separate the two colors. Then pack the second shade on your lid for ultimate St. Patrick’s Day glam!

st patricks day green makeup looks

Looking sharp! The talented @superduperdaisy on Instagram chose our Take Me Back to Brazil palette for this captivating cut crease

st patricks day green makeup looks

Too cute! The fab @kaileykbeautyarts on Instagram created this adorable shamrock cut crease with Take Me Back to Brazil!


The smokey eye is a makeup stable that NEVER goes out of style… why not jazz it up with a little green? Show off your Irish pride with a dramatic, smoked-out eye look that’s green and gorgeous.

There’s no better palette for your most captivating, colorful eye looks than Take Me Back to Brazil! Use the shades to create an ultra-glam eye look – it’s not easy being green!

st patricks day green makeup looks

The talented @swayzemorgan_  on Instagram chose Take Me Back to Brazil for this glam green and gold smokey eye


Want to shimmer like a pot of gold? No prob! Our Glitter Collection comes in many gorgeous colors for glam glitter looks that will have all eyes on you.

This look is as simple as it is striking. Just apply our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer all over your eyelid, and dab on glitter with a small eye brush or your finger for a shimmery spectacle the leprechauns will love! Use either solid green or gold, or mix and match colors to chase the rainbow.

To take this green makeup look to the next level, top it off with some glitter lips! Just apply a nude lipstick from our Nude Lips 28 Color Palette and our Smooth Canvas Long-Wear Shadow Primer to set the stage, and apply some gorgeous glitter for a look that will turn heads wherever you go.

st patricks day green makeup looks


Get the luck of the Irish on your side with any of these glam green makeup looks! We wish you a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day, because you’re our lucky charm EVERY DAY! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your green makeup looks for St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you go green!

Harry Potter Makeup Challenge: #BHBeautyCraft Honor Roll

BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

Hey BH Beauties! Welcome to BH Cosmetics School of Beautycraft and Makeup Wizardry. For those of you who missed it, something magical happened on Twitter, and it turned into a bewitching giveaway based on a Harry Potter Makeup challenge that was the perfect way to kick off fall!

How the #BHBeautycraft Harry Potter Makeup Challenge Was Born

Before we get to the winners and the honorable mentions list, here’s how the idea got brewing in the first place:

BH Beautycraft Harry Potter Makeup Challenge


Pretty soon, people started telling us they were inspired to create a Harry Pottter makeup look. We couldn’t let all of that effort go to waste, so we created an all new #BHBeautySecret Giveaway… the #BHBeautycraft Harry Potter Makeup Challenge! From time to time on social media, we reveal a #BHBeautySecret giveaway, and this seemed like the perfect way to give a few lucky winners a set of our newest brushes: Smoke N’ Mirrors 10 Piece Brush Set + Case!

A Winner From Each Hogwarts House!

With a little help from the Sorting Hat, we selected one lucky winner from each Hogwarts-inspired house. This was NOT easy! There were so many gorgeous makeup looks! Before we get to the winners, let’s show off some of the most amazing, adorable, creative, and gorgeous looks from each house — including a LOT of international submissions from BH Beauties around the world.


BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

Loyal Hufflepuffs are known for their dedication, hard work, fair play, and patience. The beautiful @isadsmith, @kalgerbs, @taters_totss, and @pixelsarah were among the many Hufflepuff entries!


BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

Wise Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence, cleverness, wit, and unending search for knowledge. The gorgeous @ignitedcanvas, @inoru88, @skinlikewinters, and @ana_paula_aldecoa all showed their Ravenclaw colors with pride!


BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

Sly Slytherins show admiration for thos with ambition, cunning, power, and resourcefulness. The breathtaking @beccacopsicle, @ciarawhyte_, @sarahhevanss_, @alexaplanz,@babyheidii, @cuteupdollXO, @cry_pt1ds, and @miss_ceilidh created Slytherin looks that even a Malfoy would be proud of. As you can see, there are quite a LOT of Slytherin fans who joined in, so we couldn’t just pick 4!


BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

Daring Gryffindors value bravery, daring, and chivalry above all else. The stunning looks created by @defined_beaute, @jesslemakeup, @littlemspiano, and @monica143 all blaze their Gryffindor colors with fiery glory!


We had to give a special shout out to these incredibly talented makeup mavens that created amazing looks for all 4 Hogwarts Houses!


BH Cosmetics Harry Potter Makeup Challenge


BH Cosmetics Harry Potter Makeup Challenge


BH Cosmetics Harry Potter Makeup Challenge


BH Cosmetics Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

And the Winners Are…

For Hufflepuff, @makeupxlur on Instagram:

BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

For Ravenclaw, @softsagan on Twitter / @sagans.luna on Instagram:

BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

For Slytherin, @Nataliecg44 on Twitter / @nnataliecg on Instagram:

BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

For Gryffindor, @civrie on Twitter & Instagram:

BH Harry Potter Makeup Challenge

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, cheered each other on, or just watched the amazing creativity unfold! We hope you had as much fun as we did during our Harry Potter Makeup Challenge. Don’t forget, we’re bringing new #BHBeautySecrets with giveaways and prizes on Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to check our social media platforms every day!

Perfect pairings: Find your ideal hair color + makeup combo!

bh_perfect_blog_header One of our favorite trends right now is color poppin’ hair! Who doesn’t like a glimmer of light purple in their locks, or even a bold peachy pink to stand out among the crowd? We fell in love with these trendsetting hues—so here’s a list of our favorite hair colors and the best BH Cosmetics products to pair with them!

Rosey Posey

Rose-gold hair really stands out—so complete your look with our Metal Rose 11 Piece Brush Set. Need something to apply with those brushes? Try our Nude Rose Highlight Palette to illuminate your face and new hair color. Want a bronzy look? Use the Nude Rose Sculpt & Glow Palette to create a subtle glow and added highlight. Top it all off with a soft eye look, courtesy of the Nude Rose Eyeshadow Palette. Whichever one you choose, your rosey will create the perfect finish!

Tickled Pink

Pink hair? Whether you went for a bold or delicate hue, we have what you need to accentuate the look. Embrace your bold side with our Neon Pink Brush Set. Take these brushes wherever you go to keep your makeup looking perfect all day long. If you like a softer pink, the Pink Perfection Brush Set has everything you need. Top off your look with your fave shade of  Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in the shade Frisky to make your bold pink lip last all day long (really)!

Playful Pastels

Multicolor pastel hair lets you combine all your favorite tones in one look. What’s better than beachy vivid pastel waves? The answer: Pastel locks with the perfect pastel eye! Match your eye color to your hair hue with our 88 Matte Color Eyeshadow Palette. Complement your blush and violet hair tones with the Wild & Alluring – Baked Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette. This palette gives you the best of both worlds without even trying! We know the perfect accents can make all the difference in your luminous look. Get inspired and experiment to create your best & brightest spring looks (and tell us what you’re using in the comments)!

Want to win your dream prom dress? Here’s how!


Attention BH babes: We’re so excited to be collaborating with @jovanifashions for prom season! THREE lucky winners will each receive the following:

  • A $200 BH Cosmetics gift card
  • One gorgeous prom dress from @jovanifashions. (Check out the dresses here!)

Here’s how to enter:

  • Follow both @bhcosmetics & @jovanifashions on Instagram
  • Like the contest photo & leave a comment on the post about your prom plans!
  • Tag 3 friends

 Entry is open to residents of the contiguous United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii).

Entries may be submitted now through Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 5:00PM PT .TWO winners will be contacted via DM and tagged on our Instagram page, and ONE winner will be contacted via DM and tagged on @jovanifashions‘s Instagram page on Friday, April 28, 2017 by 2:00