Explore your Courageous Side with Mini Zodiac: Aries

Hey Aries, do we have a surprise for you! To show off your courageous and enthusiastic side we’ve created your own palette that encompasses everything about YOU. We know how dynamic and passionate you are about your makeup artistry, which is why we gave you the perfect shades to match your inner Aries traits.  Create “ram”tastic looks with our newly launched Mini Zodiac: Aries. Shades of rusty brick reds, shimmering gold, and taupe give you a variety of different looks. Go for a fiery burgundy look or use more subtle shades with a pop of red! With your determination to reach your goals and be the best of the best, you’ll create unforgettable eye-catching looks.

All About Red! 


For being a fire sign, these shades are smokin’ hot. Let’s breakdown each color in the palette: red - to show off your firey passionate side, orange - to represent your ruling planet Mars, taupe - to keep you grounded and close to your complimentary Earth signs, and gold - to make your looks stand out and keep you shimmering and shining! These highly pigmented and velvety smooth pigments blend like a dream and give you intense color payoff. Show off your empowering side like fellow Aries sister Lady Gaga. She’s all about being courageous and passionate with her talent and uses it to encourage others to be the best versions of themselves.

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Show us how you like to stand out with our Mini Zodiac: Aries. We can’t wait to see your unique looks! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your firey looks. Tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see the stars align in your favor.


  • Laura

    I am so hyped :D

  • Allysa

    So excited

  • Emily

    Can’t wait for Leos! 😍

  • Lucy Jenkins

    this palette is so cute! cant wait for the cancer version

  • nicole

    so excited!

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