More Zodiac Makeup Looks with Mini Zodiac: Capricorn

Still feeling starry-eyed over our zodiac makeup? We know you loved our Zodiac and Zodiac: Love Signs palettes, and now we’re turning the spotlight to each individual sign for ultimate stellar chic. First up… Capricorn! Think of the Capricorns in your life… what words come to mind? Ambitious, resourceful, practical? Witness all of these great qualities come to life with our NEW Mini Zodiac: Capricorn palette - a pint-sized set of shades to get your GOAT on.

Shine Bright Like a Capricorn


A Capricorn may love structure and rules, but they know how to blend them! As the ultimate earth sign, many are fans of simple looks, rich neutrals and masters of the five minute flawless face. Our Mini Zodiac palette is a must-have for any Capricorn’s makeup table!

This petite palette takes zodiac makeup to the next level… Capricorn style! With a stellar spectrum of 8 rich, earth-toned mattes and shimmers - plus one luminous highlighter - you’ll be a master of natural glam. Look sweet and stunning for school, work or even a chill night with friends! Of course, every Capricorn sometimes takes a walk on the wild side - and this palette packs several striking shimmers to create a blinding highlight or edgy smokey eye. Who says earth and fire don’t get along?

Start the New Year with Zodiac Makeup

The mindset of a Capricorn is work hard, play hard. They put 100% effort into everything they do, and our Zodiac Mini: Capricorn palette is a perfect symbol of their practical ways. These hues are earthy and exquisite… just like you! Who is YOUR favorite Capricorn in your life?  Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share YOUR beauty routine as a Capricorn. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you get your GOAT on!


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