Brushes & Tools

Looking for some professional-quality, cruelty-free makeup brushes? Look no further! With eyeshadow brushes, foundation brushes, blending brushes, beauty sponges, and so much more, BH Cosmetics give you the tools you need to create even the most complex of looks. These professional quality products are fully vegan, with a blend of synthetic bristles that are easy to clean. Browse our online shop now to take your makeup application game to the next level.

Many would say that the eyes are the focal point of the face, so give your eyes the chance to shine with the eyeshadow brushes from BH Cosmetics. Try the Studio Pro Brush 17 for a small, tapered blending brush, which is perfect for blending out edges. The petite Studio Pro Brush 9 blends beautifully too, and is also a superstar at smudging eyeshadow product along the lash lines. If you want even more options, go for the Lavish Elegance 15-piece brush set, which comes complete with a chic travel makeup bag. This brush set provides all of the daily essentials, plus a few extra to help you to really get creative with your makeup looks.

When it comes to the eyes, eyeliner is just as important as eyeshadow. The Studio Pro Brush 12 is a bent eyeliner brush that gives you full control. Its unique shape will align with your lash line and inner corners, enabling you to achieve maximum precision. Alternatively, the Studio Pro Brush 11 is a firm, flat eyeliner brush, also designed for precise application, and is suitable for everything from tightlining to dramatic cat eyes. Speaking of dramatic eyes, the Smokey Eye Essential is a must for those who love to go dark and sultry with their eye makeup. This 7-piece set contains a selection of eyeliner and eyeshadow brushes - everything you need to create a statement-making smokey eye. Want a single brush that you can do everything with? Many beauty superstars would recommend the Studio Pro Brush 6 - although this crease brush was originally designed as a blending blush, it is fantastic for multi-tasking. Its gentle taper means that you can use it for neutral transition shades, definition and blending, and its quality bristles work with all formulas.

Don’t forget that your brows will need some attention too! BH Cosmetics sells a few different tools for ensuring that your eyebrows are always perfectly groomed. The Brush V13 is a double-ended definer and blender brush to give you the perfect arch, while the Brush V10 features an angled end for applying brow color, and a spooley for grooming and blending. If you regularly wear mascara, this multi-tasking tool is a must-have, since you can also use the spooley end to de-clump your lashes.

Need some brushes for the rest of your face? The BH Cosmetics online shop sells a variety of different beauty sponges and brushes. Try the Studio Pro Beauty Sponge or the Studio Pro Perfecting Sponge for a truly seamless finish, even in those hard-to-reach areas. The pointed end of the sponge is designed to be used in those tight corners, such as around your nose and eyes, while the larger end is perfect for the rest of the face. can Keep the Quick Change residue remover on hand too - a great product that will save you from having to constantly reach for a clean brush while applying your makeup. Don't forget to also pick up the Studio Pro Dual Cleansing Brush Pad to keep your new makeup brushes clean, which will then help to extend their lifespan. This textured rubber tool is so easy to use, and will deep clean brushes of various sizes and densities.

All of the makeup brushes from the BH Cosmetics brand are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Our easy-to-use website makes online shopping a breeze, whether you want to treat yourself (or someone else!) to a gift now, or add some products to your wishlist for future purchases. Fair and affordable prices mean great value for money with every order, making it no surprise that so many in the beauty community rate BH Cosmetics as their all-time favorite makeup store.