Color Lock

Want to know how to perfect your pout? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together the ultimate selection of long lasting matte lipstick products. Whether you’re looking for a casual nude or a rich red, these top-rated lipsticks are comfortable, moisturizing, and are guaranteed to leave you feeling fabulously beautiful.

How to Choose a Longlasting Matte Lipstick

Your lipstick color can make or break your look. However, choosing from all of the different long-lasting matte lipstick products out there can be difficult. Plus, some matte lipstick can leave the skin on the lips feeling pretty dry, so you need to pick a professional quality product that keeps your lips satin soft and beautiful. Formulas that contain plant butters and oils, such as shea butter or avocado oil, have a rich moisturizing effect. These ingredients are also packed with vitamins and antioxidants for improved lip health.

Skin Tone

Never underestimate the importance of skin tone when choosing a new long lasting lipstick.

Fair and Light Skin Tones

A nude, light pink, peach, dusty red, or coral matte finish beautifully complements fair and light skin tones. The BH Cosmetics Color Lock in Faithful is a great choice, while Devotion is another flattering shade if you would prefer something darker and deeper. Are matte liquid lipsticks more your style? There are a few liquid formulas from BH Cosmetics that work well with fair skin. The Liquid Linen Lipstick in Shelby is lightweight but has intense color saturation. Martha or Evelyn would be good color choices as well.

Medium Skin Tones

Berry tones and bright floral colors look beautiful on a medium skin tones. The BH Cosmetics Color Lock in Dark Rose is the perfect example of this. This creamy, long-lasting matte lipstick formula has been infused with shea butter. This gives it a moisturizing effect that will keep your lips feeling soft throughout the day. For a bolder and brighter matte lipstick color, try the Liquid Linen Lipstick in Nichele. The doe-foot applicator ensures precise application of this highly pigmented product, making it a favorite among professional makeup artists.

Olive Skin Tones

Those of you with an olive skin tone are lucky. Just about every matte lipstick color will look gorgeous on you. Keep things casual and subtle with the Liquid Linen Lipstick in Carin or Anya. Both of these vegan lipstick shades are so adaptable and have long-lasting staying power. People love them for both day and night. The top-rated Liquid Linen Lipstick in Jordan is a popular option for those who want something brighter than average, with this shade exuding a retro matte look.

Dark Skin Tones

Dark skin tones look stunning when complemented by brown and purple matte lipstick colors. The BH Cosmetics Color Lock in Seduction is deep, bold, and earthy, with a long-lasting pigment that will keep your lips looking and feeling flawless for hours. If you would prefer a purple-toned shade, opt for the creamy Color Lock in Blissful - this is one matte lipstick that never fails to make an impact.

Lip Shape and Size

While skin tone will have the biggest impact when choosing a new matte lip color, keep the shape and size of your lips in mind too. Do you have thin lips? Then avoid any colors that are too bright or dark. These will leave your lips looking thinner. Instead, go for creamy matte lipstick products and try applying a lip gloss over the top. On the other hand, plump lips should avoid glosses and stick with an HD matte finish.

In terms of the shape of your lips, this will determine whether you should use multiple matte lipstick shades when creating your look. If your lips are top-heavy, then a slightly darker shade on your top lip can help to balance your features out. Those with bottom-heavy lips should dab a nude color in the middle of their upper lip. Lip liners can be extremely helpful for those who have asymmetrical lips - pick a shade that matches your lipstick and use this to help even things out.

Applying a Matte Lipstick Like a Professional

Want to know how to make it look as though your matte lipstick was applied by professional makeup artists? Here are some top tips:

Prep Your Lips

Just like with any beauty look, the first step to lipstick perfection is always to prep. When it comes to your lips, this means exfoliation. All you need to do is gently rub your lips with a clean and dry toothbrush to slough off any roughness. This will give you a much smoother and creamier finish with your matte lipstick - nothing ruins a flawless pout like flaky skin!

To soften and plump your lips up even more, apply a lip moisturizer treatment or a lightweight lip balm before applying your long lasting lipstick. This will fill in any gaps to give you an even smoother base to work from. Give this a few minutes to soak into your lips before applying your matte lipstick - this is the perfect time to work on the rest of your beauty look, saving your lipstick for last! If the skin on your lips still feels quite dry, make sure that you pick a moisturizing matte lipstick formula.

Use a Lip Liner

Since long lasting matte lipstick formulas have been designed to be as highly pigmented as possible, you don’t want to have to keep removing that color if you make a mistake when applying it. This is where a lip liner comes in - trace your lips with a matching liner before applying your lipstick. This then gives you a guide to follow - all you need to do is place the color on the inside of those lines and your lips will look flawless. It helps to be as precise as possible when it comes to this, especially when using a color saturated liquid formula. Professional makeup artists usually begin with the top lip, moving outwards from the center. Then, move down to your bottom lip and do the same.

Clean Up Mistakes with a Q-Tip

While blotting is usually a must for glossy lipsticks, matte lipsticks are different. Since they dry so quickly, color doesn’t tend to stain or transfer. So, instead of blotting onto some tissue paper, blot your lips together instead, before going over them once more with the same matte lipstick. This time, pay extra attention to your cupid’s bow, making sure that this part of your top lip has enough definition. If you do happen to make any small mistakes, grab a Q-tip and your concealer and simply cover over your errors.

Lip Lining with Concealer

Want to know a professional trick that will really make your lipstick color pop? In addition to lining your lips with a lip liner, try lining the outside of your natural lip line with your favorite concealer, before blending in well. This provides some extra contrast between your skin and your lip color, making your lips really stand out. A good matte lipstick can easily be the focal point of your whole beauty look, so don’t be afraid to keep it simple when it comes to the cosmetics you use on the rest of your face.

Everyone needs a few longlasting matte lipsticks in their makeup kit, and BH Cosmetics has a number of different matte lipstick colors for you to choose from. From a cream finish lipstick in a classy nude to a bright pink liquid lipstick, these matte lipsticks will have you covered from day to night.