Enjoy a show-stopping array of different shadow shades and finishes with the rich, highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes available from the BH Cosmetics online shop. Whether you’re looking for glittering jewel eyeshadow shades, bold metallic colors, or iconic matte nude tones, the BH Cosmetics website has you covered.

Eyeshadow Palettes to Get Creative With

Our customers love to experiment with the rainbow of colors our eyeshadow palettes provide. Whether you’ve got brown eyes or blue eyes, the tropical vibe of the Hangin' in Hawaii Palette is universally flattering, with 16 radiant and creamy eyeshadows to choose from. Alternatively, go bold and bright with the 16 vibrant shades in the Trendy in Tokyo eyeshadow palette.

Want an eyeshadow palette that can take care of every beauty look that you could imagine? You’ll find 35 pressed eyeshadow pigments in the Take Me Back to Brazil palette. In addition to the festive parade of hues available in this best seller eyeshadow palette, you’ll also find a deep black color that you can use to intensify and darken any of the other shades.

Everyone Needs a Few Neutrals

If neutrals are more your style, there’s plenty to choose from on the BH Cosmetics online shop. The Essential Eyes shadow palette is a makeup product that everyone should have. There are 28 matte and shimmer shades to choose from here, each with a soft and velvety texture that makes the pigment so easy to build and blend.

Want even more choice? Go for the Ultimate Neutrals eyeshadow palette. This versatile choice includes 42 shades, ranging from subtle hues to deep earthy tones. If multifunctional cosmetic products are more your thing, then the Blushed Neutrals makeup palette won’t let you down. This palette features 21 warm-toned neutral eyeshadow colors, along with five blush shades - this single makeup palette can be used to highlight, contour and color both your eyes and your face.

Bright and Bold

Looking for an eyeshadow palette that’s truly out of this world? The Galaxy Chic palette boasts 18 baked eyeshadow shades in an ethereal assortment of colors. Make those hues pop even more by applying a primer to your lids before dabbing on any color. A light layer of concealer works well too, and provide even more contrast.

The Zodiac palette is another favorite among professional makeup artists seeking celestial hues. These 24 eyeshadow shades have been inspired by the signs of the zodiac. There’s also a baked highlighter included in this makeup palette - use it on its own on your eyelids for a light, shimmery cover, or dab it onto the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes appear larger and brighter.

Touch Up On-the-Go with a Mini Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow palette that offers an unlimited amount of choice is always fun to experiment with, but a large makeup palette can be cumbersome to take with you when you’re out and about. If you’re looking for eyeshadow palettes that make it easy to touch up your makeup while you’re on-the-go, check out the mini eyeshadow palettes available online from the BH Cosmetics shop. If you know which eyeshadow colors you’re likely to use the most, then a small eyeshadow palette is all you need for flawless looks.

From pastel mint to emerald jewel eyeshadow shades, the 8 color Pistachio palette has all of the green that you could want, while the Bubble Gum palette is all about long-lasting blues. For eyeshadow that looks sugary sweet, try the Cotton Candy palette. These 8 shades consist of hot pinks, soft lavenders and more.

How to Pull Off Pink Eyeshadow

Many makeup newbies are wary of pink eyeshadow shades - but this tip will help you get it right every time! The trick is to mix and match different pink hues - use a sheer, frosty pink on the inner corners of your eyes, followed by a brighter pink in the center of your lids. Build the color up slowly, which you can easily do with the BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes, since each formula has been designed to be ultra-buildable and blendable.

Once you’ve added to your eyeshadow palettes collection, complete your look with the range of other makeup products from the BH Cosmetics online shop. From primer and eyeliner to mascara, lipstick, and makeup brushes, the BH Cosmetics store often has these makeup essentials available on sale. Purchased products can be delivered throughout the USA, Canada and beyond. If you would like more information, browse through the BH Cosmetics website or check out the BH Cosmetics social media pages.