Vegan Brushes

Whether you’re looking for a fine and precise eye liner brush or a brush set featuring plush and fluffy powder brushes, these vegan makeup brushes have you covered. Application is always flawless when you’ve got professional tools to work with, and these makeup brushes not only look good, but they perform exceptionally well and are very affordable too!

Why Go Vegan With Your Makeup Brushes?

Rather than making use of animal hair, vegan makeup brushes are constructed with synthetic bristles. The actual material used varies depending on the type of brush, and therefore, the type of bristles needed. Many may think that natural is better, but when it comes to makeup brushes, this isn’t actually true.

Vegan Brushes are Cleaner

Unlike animal hair bristles, synthetic vegan alternatives don’t have any cuticles. This means that they aren’t absorbent, which prevents dirt, bacteria, and makeup product residue from settling in the bristles. This not only makes vegan brushes more hygienic to use, but also makes them so much easier to clean. People with allergies to animal hair will also find that they don’t have the same reactions to synthetic brushes, and that they are also much more compatible with sensitive skin.

Vegan Makeup Brushes Last for Longer

Everyone wants their makeup brushes to last for as long as possible, and you’ll find that vegan makeup brushes really do outlive those with animal hair bristles. Why? It’s because those synthetic fibers that make up vegan brush bristles are actually much stronger than animal hair. This makes vegan brushes tougher and more resilient against damage, which increases their lifespan.

Vegan Means Cruelty-Free

If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you that vegan makeup brushes are the way of the future, then think about where those animal hair bristles actually came from. Cruelty-free makeup brushes earned that name for a reason - no animals were harmed in the creation of those makeup brushes. This alone has been enough to convince professional makeup artists from all over the world to ditch the animal hair bristles and choose vegan alternatives instead.

Choosing the Right Brushes

Need some help picking the right brushes? That all depends on the makeup products you plan on using.

Face Makeup Brushes

Foundation tends to be the starting point for most, and for this you’ll need a good vegan foundation brush, such as the Brush V4. The firm bristles coupled with the brush’s flat, tapered shape allows you to pick up and deposit the perfect amount of product, before blending with ease. You can then use Brush V7, which is a tapered correcting concealer brush, to cover up any imperfections.

Eye and Eyebrow Brushes

Before moving on to the eyes, let’s talk about the brows. It doesn’t matter how on-point your eye makeup may be if your brows haven’t been taken care, too. Brush V10 is all you need for this, since this multifunctional eyebrow brush is double-ended. Use the angled end to apply color to any sparse areas, before using the spooley brush to blend the color through and really define those arches.

You can then use the rounded shape of Brush V6 to dab some highlighter onto your brow bone to accentuate your eyebrows even more. Professional makeup artists also love this brush for eyeshadow application too - it’s extremely versatile, so it can be used on both the lids and the crease. However, if you really want to get precise, then you’ll need a smaller and more accurate crease and eye contour brush, such as Brush V15. Its shape is perfect for blending color in those hard-to-reach areas, while also adding extra depth and definition to your lids.

Another good vegan makeup brush for ultra precision is Brush V9. It has firm fibers that work beautifully with powdered formulas, and it’s a great eye liner brush too.

Contouring and Blush Brushes

For those looking to perfect their contouring game, a professional contour brush is a must, which is exactly what you’ll find with Brush V3. The angled tip means that you can get super precise when depositing product, before using the firm bristles to seamlessly blend everything together. You can also use this brush for shading both sides of your nose to give it a more chiseled and defined appearance.

Some also like to use their contour brush for applying blush, but it’s usually better to turn to a dedicated blusher brush for this. If you use a powdered blush, then Brush V1 is the perfect accompaniment. Simply dab this large and fluffy powder brush into your blush before swirling it across your cheeks. This brush’s size is exactly what you want when using a blush. You may see some people opting for a tighter and denser brush instead, but makeup professionals agree that a looser brush is best. Anything too tight will end up picking up way too much product, making the final result look unnatural. Don’t forget to also use your vegan blush brush to dab a small amount of product onto your chin. Then, use the Brush V5 to blend this in - you’ll notice that your face immediately looks longer and leaner!

Brush Sets

If you’re looking for a little bit of everything, then a vegan brush set is what you need. These will contain a selection of different vegan makeup brushes for both the face and the eyes. Sculpt and Blend 2 is a 10-piece brush set loved by professionals. These bristles are dual-fiber, meaning that they work well with a variety of different formulas. Whether you want to blend a liquid foundation, smudge out some bronzer, or apply a precise line of eyeliner, these vegan brushes are ideal for both beginners and beauty pros.

If bright colors make you happy, then opt for the Midnight Festival Brush Set instead. This is another 10-piece vegan brush set that will take care of all of your beauty needs, whether you’re using cream, liquid, or powder formulas. This brush set also comes with a chic brush holder to help you keep things organized. Alternatively, if you would like your new vegan makeup brushes to come with their own makeup bag, then shop the Smoke ’n’ Mirrors 10-Piece Metalized Brush Set.

Keep Those Vegan Makeup Brushes Clean

Many don’t realize that vegan makeup brushes are much easier to clean than animal hair bristles. Ideally, opt for an oil-free brush cleaner and use this, along with some warm water, to form a lather around the bristles of your brush. Gently massage the bristles to ensure that all product residue is removed before rinsing. At this stage, pinch the bristles at their base and then run your fingers all the way along them - you’ll notice that some extra color leaks out. Keep repeating this until the water runs clear - that’s how you will know that your makeup brushes are now clean.

Need to use the same makeup brush for two different products, and don’t have time to give it a deep clean in between? You don’t need to - treat yourself to the BH Cosmetics Quick Change Brush Cleaner instead. Simply swipe your brush over the special sponge provided to remove any makeup residue before using your brush again with another product.

How to Dry Vegan Makeup Brushes

Don’t forget that all makeup brushes need to be properly dried after being washed. Ideally, hang them upside down to dry - this ensures that any excess water runs straight off the brush, rather than sinking into the ferrule (the part of the brush where the bristles are connected to the handle). If this part ends up getting too saturated with water, the glue that holds the bristles will end up deteriorating, shortening the lifespan of your brush. Of course, you won’t have as much of a problem with this if you go for a quality vegan makeup brush, rather than a poorly-made alternative. Synthetic fibers dry much faster than bristles made from animal hair, so you won’t need to wait as long before you’re able to use your freshly-washed brush once again!

If you aren’t able to hang them upside down, lay them on a towel on a counter, so that the ferrule and bristles are hanging over the edge of the surface. This also ensures that water drips away from the brush, rather than running down the handle.

Whether you’re looking for an eyeliner brush or a small powder brush, anyone thinking of purchasing some new beauty tools should definitely consider vegan makeup brushes. Synthetic brushes are so much more versatile than those made from animal hair, making cruelty-free makeup brushes the way of the future. The BH Cosmetics vegan brushes take care of every makeup need. Either treat yourself to a full brush set or mix and match makeup brushes to create your very own brush collection. With prices on the BH Cosmetics online shop being so reasonable, it’s easy to add an assortment of these sustainable brushes to your makeup bag.