5 Eyeliner Tricks You Need in Your Life

If there’s one thing we all know in the world of makeup, it’s that eyeliner can be tricky. Between failed wings, shadow smudges and relatable memes… the struggle for perfect liner is real. The good news is that practice makes perfect, and we have 5 foolproof tricks for eyes that mesmerize. Whether you’re a liner newbie or looking for a fierce wing that would make Cleopatra do a double take - we’ve got liner on lock!

Choose Wisely

eyeliner looks

Winged liner, colored liner, smudged eyes… the options are endless! Eyeliner typically comes in three formulas - gel, liquid, and pencil - each with their own set of strengths. Want to know which one is right for you? Read on!


Available in a pot and many different shades - this eyeliner is a solid mix of gel and liquid and has plenty of benefits. Long-lasting, creates a variety of looks, doesn’t smudge… who doesn’t love that? Gel is typically applied with an angled or liner brush, and can take a while to get used to. Just be sure to fix any mistakes quickly...because it dries fast!


Looking for a smokey eye that gives off major rockstar vibes? Eyeliner pencils take center stage! A classic Kohl liner effortlessly glides on and smudges easily for edgy eye effects - but also works for subtle Sunday afternoon  Simple to remove and great for the waterline - this liner is also great for beginners!


When it comes to wings - this eyeliner reigns supreme! It’s ideal for a cat eye and creates dramatic looks perfect for a night out or dreamy date. Of course, this one takes practice! It’s not easily removed and can make or break an entire makeup look, so you should have a steady hand when applying. This type of eyeliner typically looks pristine and polished - hence why it’s popular with celebrities. It originated Cleopatra’s wing!

Set With Shadow

You can’t go wrong with a sultry shadow… especially when it amps up your eyeliner looks! Lining eyes with your favorite shadow - whether it’s black or bold - creates a softer look and shows just how versatile our beauty tools can be. You can simply set the look with a brush, or replace your gel or liquid with shadow altogether for a look that’s all your own!

Wet makeup brush, magic wand, or both? Create makeup magic with your favorite angled liner brush, dampening it and dipping into your favorite shadow before dragging along your waterline for epic eyeliner effects. Want ultimate slaying power? Tap on a bit of primer before applying for long-lasting glam to make everyone stop and stare.

The best part of this trick? Every color you could imagine is at your fingertips! Whether you’re looking for electric blue liner, matte black drama, or fiery red eyes... you’ll have eyes that mesmerize.

Don't Wing It

Winged liner has been a makeup staple since the look first graced our screens in Hollywood’s Golden Age - mixing edge with elegance for classic beauty. As beautiful as winged liner is, it’s often difficult to master for some of us. No prob! If you struggle with this iconic eye effect, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to let you spread your wings with ease.

Tape Trick

eyeliner looks

eyeliner looks

eyeliner looks

Unless you’re a geometry master, it can be tough to find the perfect angle in which to start your winged liner… let alone executing it! Luckily, this tried-and-true trick sets your mind (and eyes!) at ease.

  1. Grab an inch-long piece of clear tape, and press it to your hand several times to dull stickiness. You don’t want it to stick too hard!
  2. Place tape underneath your bottom lashes at the outer corner of the eye - making an angle toward your temple
  3. Apply eyeliner - ideally liquid or gel - starting in the middle of your lid and drawing a wing along the tape
  4. Remove tape and admire your beautiful wing!

Connect the Dots

This method is as simple (and fun!) as it sounds - especially for those of us who are still learning to perfect the wing. Grab your favorite liquid eyeliner pencil and create a series of dots along your upper lash line, eventually going outward to create a wing. The dots save time, product, and heartache - just trace along the lines for a flawless wing!

Embrace the Tightline

We love wings and smokey eyes as much as the next person, but we all have days where eyeliner isn’t our top priority. We’re late for school, not feeling well, or just not in the mood, but still want to look awake and alert. The solution? Tightlining! This quick and simple technique is perfect for a barely-there eye effect that’s perfect for work, school, or a chill night in. Read on to walk the (tight)line!

One of the best eyeliner hacks there is - tighlighting is the technique of applying liner inside the lashline, on the waterline, for an extremely chic and subtle eye look that instantly brightens your eyes. We recommend pencil liner for this look - though gel can work too!

Begin by looking into a mirror and tilting your chin upwards, and lifting your upper eyelid with your finger to hold it in place. Next, gently trace your upper waterline with your black eyeliner pencil. Move across the eyelid, stopping before the inner corners for a more subdued effect. Since pencil liner is solid, you don’t even have to worry about waiting for the product to dry! This trick instantly lifts your eyes and makes lashes more luxurious and full of life. If you have an extra minute to spare, top off your look by curling your lashes and adding a coat or two of mascara!

Feel the Conceal

eyeliner looks


Eyeliner is one of the most critical items in anybody’s makeup bag, but concealer is a close second! Not only does this product erase dark circles and brighten complexion, it also works alongside your eyeliner to clean up errors and create razor-sharp lines. All you need is an angled makeup brush, a bit of concealer, and a lot of faith!

Ever create a wing that’s ALMOST perfect… but a little product smeared or strayed? No prob! Rather than risk making it worse with a Q-tip, you can dip your angled brush into a TINY bit of concealer, shake it off, and lightly trace along the afflicted area to create a super-sharp line. This works not only for winged liner, but also straightening out crooked lines on your lid. We’re all guilty of it!

All About Eyeliner

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just entering the eyeliner game, these tricks ensure that your wings are always sharp, eyes always alert, and lids always smokey. Did we miss any? We want to hear YOUR tips and tricks for flawless eyeliner! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your sultry looks. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you slay!


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