Express Your Sensitive Side With Mini Zodiac: Cancer

Hey, BH Beauties! Don’t be crabby 🦀 We heard you on social, and we’re so excited to announce that the Cancer palette is finally here! ♋ This newest addition to the Mini Zodiac Series is specifically designed for the Cancer personality, with colors that complement the dynamic nature of this summertime sign. 

It’s Cancer Season

Loving, intuitive and highly sensitive, the crab has so much going on in its watery depths. Ruled by the Moon and guided by emotion and your heart, Cancer personality can be quite complex, and your outer appearance often hides the depth of your feelings. As one of the most imaginative of the Zodiacs, Cancer needs a palette that allows them to express their creative side. With a blend of soft white and silver shades, delicate pinks, and cool ocean blues to channel your Water sign, this collection has everything you need to unleash your inner Cancer.


Color Breakdown

Each shade in the 9-color palette accentuates a specific facet of the Cancer character.

Silver & White: As a Water sign, Cancer’s main colors are bright white and silver. Just like the glistening surface of water or the shining face of the moon, these colors represent Cancer’s pure nature. They provide a clean, clear slate which in turn increases Cancer’s sensitivity and understanding. The stars of this palette are the icy silver shadow and oversized white baked highlighter, which can be used as an inner corner or cheek highlight, understated shimmery lid color, or a topper over any of the other shadows.

Pinks: As one of the most affectionate zodiac signs, Cancer emits a pink aura color, which signifies romantic feelings, love, empathy, and compassion toward everyone they meet. The three pink shades in the palette represent Cancer’s nurturing side and can be used to create soft and delicate eye looks.

Blues: The two blue shades are representative of the Water sign. The lighter blue shade contains a luminous silver shimmer which gives the appearance of the surface of the ocean, while the darker shade contains light blue shimmer undertones that create depth and dimension.

Grey & Brown: The dramatic smokey grey hue represents the depth of Cancer’s feelings, and provides contrast while still offering a bright, glistening finish. We also included a neutral matte brown shade to assist in blending different shades together. 


Made For Each Other

Never miss an opportunity to show off your star sign with our JUST LAUNCHED Zodiac brush set and matching bag. With tools to build, blend and highlight, this collection has everything you need to create a complete eye look using your personal zodiac palette. The multi-dimensional glitter bag perfectly fits the mini palette and all 6 brushes from the set, so you can easily create zodiac looks on the go.


Check out how @elizabethsuj uses the new Cancer palette and Zodiac brush set to create a gorgeous eye look inspired by the water sign.  


What do you think of the new palette and brush set? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and tag us @bhcosmetics to show us how you express your star sign! 


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