Did you know that Brown is the most common Eye Color in the world?

It's true – over 50% of the population has brown eyes, however, there are many variations, considering shade, fleck color and more.

Want to emphasize your beautiful brown eyes with your makeup?

Here are some tips when it comes to the best eye makeup colors, styles and application techniques for flattering brown eyes.

Always Begin By Priming

Before you begin creating any type of makeup look, you should always begin by priming the area of skin that you will be applying your makeup onto.

In this case, it's the eyes, making an eye primer a must.

Wondering if you can use a regular face primer instead?

You would be best off using a dedicated eye primer, since the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face. It requires gentler ingredients, as well as a primer that can cope with the high concentration of products that are usually applied to the eyes. This is why eye primers tend to be slightly thicker and creamier than face primers.

Make sure that you apply your primer to both your lids as well as the area below your brow bone, as you will likely be taking your makeup all the way up to here too.

It goes without saying that you should always cleanse your face before applying your eye primer. This will prevent clogged pores and give you a much smoother canvas to work from.

A Luminescent Purple for Dark Brown Eyes

Purples and plums always complement dark brown eyes beautifully. When you add a little shimmer into the look too, this brightens the eyes up big time, making them appear larger and wider.

Here's the perfect example:

brown eyes @vjosamua

(Photo credit: @vjosamua)

This look may seem pretty complex, but all you need to pull off those eyes is the Opalescent Palette from BH Cosmetics. There are 24 shadows in this palette, some of them with a matte finish and others with an iridescent shimmer. 

Here are the shades that you will need to create this magical look:

  • Begin with the shade Star, applying this across your lids and your crease
  • Apply the shade Bright to your lids, keeping this close to your upper lash line. You may need to use a very fine eye makeup brush for this
  • Sweep some of the shade Magic above this, taking this up to your brow bone. How high you go with the shadow depends completely on how dramatic you want the result to be
  • Add some of the shade Wish to the outer corners of your eyes, as well as underneath your lower lash line. Blend this in with the shades Magic and Star, but keep it away from the shade Star

Once you have put your colors together, you can then finish the look off with a couple of coats of mascara.

Want to make your eyes pop even more?

One makeup trick that works especially well with dark brown eyes is applying a nude or white eyeliner to your waterline. Choose a shade that mimics the natural color of your waterline, because this then makes it appear larger, which will make your eyes seem brighter and more awake.

If you want to take this a step further, you could apply some of your nude eyeliner to your upper waterline, which is a technique known as tightlining. This has similar effects to lining the bottom waterline, and, when done together, can really perk those eyes up. Just go slow and be careful not to poke yourself in the eye with your eyeliner – red and watery eyes are never flattering, no matter your eye color!

Another game-changing trick would be to dab a small amount of highlighter, or even a light eyeshadow shade, onto the inner corners of your eyes.

Wondering what this does?

It brightens and widens the eyes, bringing them a new lightness.

You do need to be careful with how you go about doing this, as you do not want the light shade you use to be too obvious. Instead, you need to blend it in well, so that it lightens up your look without actually drawing attention to itself.


A Shimmering Bronze for Medium Brown Eyes

medium brown eyes makeup @makeupbyjesi

(Photo credit: @makeupbyjesi)

While bronze usually works well for just about every shade of brown eye out there, those with medium brown eyes tend to pull this color off the best. It makes that medium brown more intense and vivid, while highlighting any lighter specks you may have.

Want to give this look a try?

There are so many bronze shadows to choose from, but one palette that always comes highly recommended is the Zodiac Love Signs Palette from BH Cosmetics.

This palette features a few different shades in the bronze realm, with Leo being the shade that is used most heavily in the look above.

Of course, the intensity of that look is also due to how flawless that winged eyeliner is. This is something that you should always apply after your eyeshadow, rather than before.

Need some help creating the perfect eyeliner wing?

While winged black eyeliner always works well on brown eyes, the shape of your wing should depend on the shape, rather than the color, of your eyes.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Hooded Eyes – begin creating the wing at the point where your hooded lids begin. Use thin strokes to begin with and then thicken these up as you go along
  • Small, Close-Set Eyes – try a double wing to really enlarge your eyes. Begin with a small flick at the outer corner of your upper lash line, and then do the same beneath your lower lash line too. However, be careful not to take your eyeliner too close to the center of your eyes, both at the top and bottom, as this will only make your eyes appear even closer set than they are
  • Round Eyes – take the eyeliner from the center of your eye to the outer corner, rounding the wing in a way that follows the shape of your eye
  • Downturned Eyes – start drawing your wing upwards at the crease of your lids, in the direction of the outer corner of your brow (although you don't actually need to extend it that far)
  • Monolids – go with a thick, cat-eye wing that completely covers your upper lid
  • Almond Eyes – since you have a large amount of lid space, you can experiment with different wing shapes. Most of them will likely suit your eye shape

Which eyeliner should you be using to create that perfect wing?

Liquid liners tend to be best, as these will give you precise definition. Ideally, you want an eyeliner that will enable you to create both thin and thick lines with ease, such as the BH Liquid Eyeliner from BH Cosmetics. 

The look above shows the waterline lined in black too. You would be best off using a black eyeliner pencil for this, and try to use a waterproof formula if you can. The waterline is quite a moist environment, meaning that a non-waterproof formula may end up smudging or fading before the day is done.

Here's an extra tip for those of you who are going to be giving this look a try...

If you want to really make a statement, try adding in a few touches of gold too. In fact, you could completely swap out the bronze for gold, since gold works so well with medium brown eyes too. This will work well for those of you with hazel eyes too, as the gold will bring out the yellow tints in your eye color.

A Rosy Peach for Light Brown Eyes

Light Brown eyes by @alyciamarie

(Photo credit: @alyciamarie)

Both rose and peach tend to be pretty universal shades, working well with just about every eye color out there. However, when you combine the two and then pair them with light brown eyes, you end up with a show-stopping combination.

The Marvyn Macnificent Palette from BH Cosmetics is the perfect palette for putting together a pretty rosy peach look, as it contains all of the shades you could possibly need. Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Begin with the @ The Beach shade on both your lids and your crease. Since this is quite a nude shade, it will work well as a transitional shadow between your crease and lid
  • Apply the Crazy in Love shade across your lids, taking this slightly above your crease too. Blend this in well
  • Swipe a line of the Muddern shade across the top of your crease. If you want to make this even brighter, you could add in some of the Meant to Be shade too
  • Dab some of the Supercut shade onto the outer edges of your lids, blending this in with the Crazy in Love
  • If you want a more intense look, you could add in a few extra touches of pink or red around the colors you have already applied. This will bring out the light in your eyes, complementing its shade
  • Finish your look off with a spritz of a makeup setting spray to lock all of those colors in place

Love the Marvyn Macnificent Palette?

There's a matching set of makeup brushes available too! There are ten brushes to choose from in the Marvyn Macnificent Brush Set, enabling you to create an endless number of makeup looks. 

Since you are going with relatively light shadow shades for this look, you need to make sure that the rest of your face is on-point.

One way to really give your eyes, and your entire face, a lift is by keeping your brows well-groomed.

Your brows can really make or break your look, making it crucial that you keep them looking their best when creating any sort of eye makeup look.

Do you often struggle with your brows?

The very first step to picture-perfect arches is ensuring that you have the right brow shape.


By following these steps:

  • Hold a pencil against the edge of your nostril, pointing it vertically upwards. This is the point at which your brows should begin
  • Swing the pencil around so that it forms a line between the outer corner of your eye and the side of your nostril. This is the point at which your brows should end

Once you have determined the best shape, you can then go ahead and tweeze away any stray hairs. Be careful that you do not tweeze too close to your brow, as this will only end up changing the shape you are going for.

When it comes to the fullness of eyebrows, this is an area in which most people can do with a bit of extra help. Try using either a brow pencil, wax or shadow to fill in any sparse areas, taking care to use soft and short strokes to keep your brows looking feathery and natural.

The BH Studio Pro Ultimate Brow Palette is ideal for this, as it contains eight powders and four waxes. This means that you can mix and match until you are able to create the eyebrows of your dreams. 

If you would prefer a pencil, the Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil is always a good one to go for. It has two ends: 

  • A very fine precision tip that is great for adding definition and filling in any sparse areas
  • A spooley to blend in all of your work and ensure that your brows look natural

You can get away with a much more subtle makeup look when you keep your brows groomed, and you will still end up looking just as polished.

Brown eyes tend to be quite versatile when it comes to the different colors and styles that flatter it. Whether your eyes are a light, a medium or a dark brown, these makeup looks are guaranteed to be reliable when it comes to showcasing your beautiful eye color.


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