Duolight Highlight: A New Level of Sparkly Makeup

Dazzle in duochrome with our ALL NEW Duolight Highlight palette – the sparkly makeup sensation for ultimate brilliance! With a range of radiant shades that can instantly take you from everyday chic to next-level luminous, you’ll be a beaming beauty!

sparkly makeup duolight highlight

Shimmer Game Strong

Looking to amp up your sparkly makeup game? We’ve got you covered. Duolight Highlight is like no highlighter palette you’ve ever seen – with 9 ultra-pigmented, iridescent hues that can be mixed and matched for a spectrum of sparkly makeup effects.

Duolight Highlight features three sheer shades with an intensely pearlescent, ultra-reflective finish to top off your most brilliant looks – aptly titled Top it Off, Top Notch, and Top Secret! Just a touch of these hot hues on your cheekbones, nose, or inner eyes lets you beam like a beauty queen – while still staying simple and chic!

Feeling a bit more bold? Duolight Highlight also has six vivid duochrome shimmers in a range of hues for your most brilliant and breathtaking glow. With names like Double Trouble, Double Date, and Double Whammy, it’s safe to say you’ll get double the dazzle! Build and layer every sparkly shade for multidimensional sparkly makeup effects that will unleash your inner glow queen and enhance your features like never before.

sparkly makeup duolight highlight

See The Light with Perfect Pairings

Duolight Highlight is a versatile palette that’s perfect for everything from a day at work to a hot night out – and it’s even more breathtaking when combined with our other top products!

Want to further amplify your glow? More sparkles, it is! Our all new Aurora Lights palette is a constellation of stellar shimmers that make your eyes shine brighter than the stars – featuring everything from brilliant blues to planetary purples for ultimate glimmer and glow! Add a dab of Top Secret – one of the sheer shades from Duolight Highlight – to the inner corners of your eyes for a cosmic creation that’s out-of-this-world!

To complement your more colorful creations with Duolight, there’s always Eyelights! Our gorgeous collection of glitter eyeshadows comes in six shimmery shades to make your eyes POP! Just highlight your brow bone, inner corners, or even use our Duolight Highlight shades as eyeshadows (don’t forget to wet your brush!) for a breath of beaming beauty!

Of course, you can’t forget highlighter’s lovely cousin: contouring! Shade, define, and line your features to perfection with a fab contour palette – like our Studio Pro Contour Palette – and accent your features with Duolight Highlight for a marvelous masterpiece to channel your inner glow goddess!

sparkly makeup duolight highlight

Highlight Your Look

Can’t get enough of Duolight Highlight? Our newest palette is the latest addition to our #BHGlowForIt fam – joining our Spotlight Highlight and Blacklight Highlight palettes to light up your look like a dream.

Spotlight Highlight is ideal for a more traditional look – featuring a mix of pearly ivory, captivating copper and beautiful bronze to complement your most breathtaking sparkly makeup effects. Meanwhile, our Blacklight Highlight palette let you take a walk on the wild side – with ethereal shades of blue, pink, and gold for dreamy looks straight out of your imagination. Pair any of these hot hues with our Duolight Highlight palette for dazzling dimension that’s ultimate glimmer goals.

Dream of Sparkly Makeup

The highlight of your makeup table is here… and it’s bringing double the dazzle! Duolight Highlight brings instant incandescence with a set of sparkly shades that can be seen from space, and we can’t wait to see you sparkle and shine! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your sparkly makeup! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you slay the sparkle!


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