Brows That Wow

Our new Brow Duo eyebrow powder is a richly-pigmented, two-shade formula that makes finding your perfect brow a breeze. Each dual-pan compact comes with two complementary light and dark hues that can be worn individually or blended to create a personalized brow color (or master the coveted ombré brow technique!). Whether you prefer a natural look or full, dramatic brows, it’s never been easier to frame your face, add dimension, and build color and intensity with just one product.

Color Breakdown

Finding your ideal brow color can be a long (and expensive!) series of trial and error… but not anymore! Brow Duo is available in 9 compact shade duos that were carefully selected to match a variety of hair colors. The buildable and blendable formula makes it easy to combine colors to find your exact one-of-a-kind match.
Light Blonde – blonde to platinum hair 
Blonde – blonde to golden blond hair 
Caramel – light red to light brown hair
Auburn – dark red hair 
Warm Brown – medium brown hair 
Dark Brown – dark brown hair 
Ash Brown – ash brown to deep dark brown hair
Ebony – deepest brown to black hair
Charcoal – deepest black to silvery black hair


Perfect brows can be yours in just 5 easy steps! 

Step 1: Start with clean brows
Step 2: Apply the darker shade to sparse areas in short, light strokes using the angled tip of vegan brush #V10
Step 3: Thicken, fill and shape as desired, using the spooley to blend out the color
Step 4: Apply the lighter shade over the entire brow using vegan brush #V13 to create natural highlights and lowlights
Step 5: Mix shades to find your ideal brow color

Tip: For subtle brows, follow your natural brow shape, filling in as needed. For dramatic effects, use brush #V10 to define your brow shape, then fill in with #V13, building color and intensity.


What's your perfect shade? Let us know in the comments below! You can also find our full range of brow products here, including pencils and brow gel. As always, don't forget to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay on top of all our new launches



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