The Best Zombie Makeup Tutorial Ever

The Best Zombie Makeup Tutorial Ever

If you want to make the perfect Instagrammable zombie look this holiday, you’ve got to put time into the makeup. Fake blood, scars, pale skin: it’s the face that pulls the look together, otherwise, you’re just someone who needs new clothes. But if you don’t know your fake blood from your fake tan, don’t worry, this is the tutorial for you. These are a few tips for zombie makeup looks you can really sink your teeth into.

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What’s the Zombie for You?

Before you break out the brush sets and the foundation, you’ve got to think about what kind of zombie you’re going for. Are you looking to scare people, or make them laugh? Do you want a simple look or something that really turns heads? How you answer these questions will determine what kind of makeup set you’ll need.

Easy Zombie Makeup Steps

Looking online will give you a thousand ways to do a zombie makeup look, but the important thing to remember is what order you add your effects. This basic order works no matter how complicated your makeup look is. These are the essential steps to remember:

  1. Wash: Start by washing your face, getting rid of any previous makeup. Also bear in mind that some looks will have trouble attaching onto facial hair, so you may need to shave.
  2. Prosthetics: The first things you’ll apply, if you’re using them, are prosthetics and liquid latex.
  3. Foundation: Next add your base layer. Face paint, foundation; anything to get that deathly look.
  4. Shadows: Darken your eyes and your cheekbones to make your skin look sunken.
  5. Mouth: Apply lipstick, lip gloss or fake blood (or all three).

Details: Finish off with extra fake blood, drawn-on scars or scratches. Be creative!

Now you’ve got the basics, let's look at some possible looks, from simple to complex.

Simple Scares

This one is great for a casual party or for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too long getting ready. It’s also great for kids who can’t sit still for too long!

rpcosmetics__ zombie makeup

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What You’ll Need

White face paint
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Dark lipstick and/or fake blood

The best thing about this simple look is you don’t need to go out of your way to find a Halloween store. For the most part, you can use an everyday makeup set.

Top Tip

With a simple look, it’s all about contrast. Pale skin, dark eyes, bright blood: get those colors popping. This makeup tutorial is a great example of making an effective look with regular makeup.

Skin-crawling Effects

If you want to bring the simple look to the next level, prosthetics are your best bet. These take a little more time to perfect, but they will elevate your makeup look to something really creepy.

Photo credit: Adi Putra / Pexels

What You’ll Need

  • Liquid latex
  • Prosthetics

Liquid latex is a gooey liquid that dries clear, a little like glue but designed to be used on skin. It’s great for giving some texture to your zombie look. Prosthetics are physical additions you can buy online or from a Halloween store, which you can usually apply with liquid latex. Be careful with what you buy though, a lot of companies will use cheap materials that might harm your skin. Be sure to check the packaging, especially if you have an allergy to latex.

Top Tip

Make your own prosthetics by layering liquid latex with tissue paper! Then finish with some makeup and fake blood for the full effect. Check out this tutorial for a little help.

Top Scarers

For the creepiest, scariest or most convincing zombie look you’ll need to go all out.

beautyempire21 zombie makeup

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What You’ll Need

  • Contact lenses
  • Tooth makeup
  • Props

Contacts aren’t for everyone, but they make a huge difference to your zombie makeup. There’s a wide range of contacts in different colors and sizes, some of which cover the whites of your eyes as well! Shop around and try a few options, and always make sure you’re buying quality products before you put anything in your eyes. Same goes for tooth makeup; sometimes you want that extra something to convince people you’ve just finished chomping on a friend of yours. As for props, the sky’s the limit. A fake arm you can tear off to surprise people? A screwdriver sticking out of the side of your head? Have fun with it!

Top Tip

Tooth enamels are a great way to change the look of your teeth and polish off your zombie look. Have a look at this tutorial for how to make your teeth look rotten and decayed.

Get Creative!

The basic elements above make up most zombie looks you’ll see, it’s your own creativity that brings these makeup elements together into an unforgettable outfit. That doesn’t mean it has to be complicated: some of the best costume ideas are the most simple. And remember to have fun with it!

makeup.glad zombie makeup

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