Not only are green eyes exotically rare, but they also have a natural vibrancy and brightness to them - something that your makeup should enhance. Here are the four best eye makeup products to make those gorgeous greens really stand out. 

1) An Eyeshadow Palette Featuring Reds and Purples

The best makeup artists out there make use of a color wheel when picking complementary eye makeup shades

Color Wheel

It’s an easy tool to use - locate your first chosen color and then look at which shades lie across from it on the wheel. Those are the shades that will best complement your initial chosen color. 

As you can see, green lies opposite reds and purples, meaning that those with green eyes are among the lucky few that are able to pull off ultra-trendy red eye makeup looks.

For this, you need an eyeshadow palette that gives you plenty of options, such as the Aurora Lights Palette from BH Cosmetics. What makes this palette special is the fact that each shade is so rich and vivid, and there are some gorgeous reds and purples to choose from. Mix and match different shades to give your eyes even more dimension.  

Aurora Lights Palette

2) An Earthy and Warm Brown Eyeliner Pencil

Which eyeliner color do you wear most often? 

Chances are, your answer is black (if not, you’re in the minority!). While black may work well with all eye colors, there are other shades out there that could make your green eyes pop even more. Anything natural and earthy, such as a warm brown, will bring out the yellow flecks in your green eyes, making them truly sparkle. 

Keep things soft and subtle by opting for a pencil instead of a liquid. The Power Pencil in Warm Brown from BH Cosmetics will serve you well - it provides a sharp and defined line, but can still be smudged and blended if a smoky effect is needed. 

Power Pencil - Waterproof Eyeliner: Warm Brown

3) An Eyebrow Highlighter

Green eyed gals are lucky - the color of their eyes will often dazzle without the need for much makeup at all. Of course, in order for the natural green glow of your eyes to really shine, your brows need to be on point. It goes without saying that your brows should be well-groomed, but try wearing a brow highlighter to really frame your eyes. 

The Studio Pro Brow Highlighter from BH Cosmetics is a double-ended highlighter pencil that gives you two options - pick the matte for a perky yet understated lift, or go with the shimmer to shine some luminescence down onto your eyes.  

Studio Pro Brow Highlighter

4) A Warm Nude Eyeshadow Palette…With a Shimmer

Nude shadows work well with every eye color, but if you have been blessed with green eyes, make sure that you choose nudes with a warm undertone. A palette that features both matte and shimmery finishes is one that you can use for both day and night, adjusting the pigment intensity based on your skin tone.   

The 16 rich shades in the BH Cosmetics Hangin’ in Hawaii Palette is perfect for this. The mattes are creamy and easily blendable, while the shimmers are sumptuously shiny, bringing together the best of both worlds. As an added bonus, BH Cosmetics only produces cruelty-free makeup, making this a win-win!  

Brush V4 - Vegan Foundation Brush

There are so many different eye makeup products that work well with green eyes, but these four are absolute essentials. Whether you want to keep things low key or are looking to glam up your look, these four products are all you will need.