How to Buy Makeup on a Budget

Did you know that the average woman in the USA spends about $300,000 on makeup during her lifetime? 

Fortunately, big spending isn’t a must when it comes to looking good. Buying makeup when you’re on a tight budget is definitely possible - you just need to know how to shop smart

Buy Multipurpose Products

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Some makeup products can only really be used for one thing, whereas others are surprisingly multi-functional. Palettes are great for this, as they can be used on both the eyes and the face. Choose one with the right shades and you can use a single palette for eyeshadow, blush, concealer, highlighting and contouring - now, that’s a bargain! 

Multipurpose products can save you even more money if you’re trying to replicate a certain cosmetic trend. Take the contouring craze that recently dominated - this may have bumped up the price of contouring kits, but a multipurpose palette that can also be used for contouring gives you the chance to get in on the trend without having to spend any extra.  

Prioritize Important Products

Everyone has their go-to’s when it comes to makeup - some won’t leave their house without mascara on, whereas for others, a quick swipe of lipstick helps them to feel ready to face the world. 

It goes without saying that the products you use more often are the ones you should focus your budget on. You can then go for discount makeup for those lesser-used products, which should save you quite a bit of money. 

Go With Affordable Brands

Good makeup doesn’t have to be expensive - there are many affordable makeup brands out there that produce products of an amazing quality. A quick online search for cheap makeup websites will give you plenty of options, but be sure to read up on reviews to make sure that you’ll be getting quality along with affordability.   

If you’re still unsure about trying a new affordable makeup brand and online reviews aren’t enough to convince you, ask your friends for advice. For all you know, the brand in question could be one of their favorites, and they may even have some products for you to try. 

Shop Online

There are both pros and cons to shopping for makeup online, with the main downside being that you’re unable to physically test the product out. However, the fact that affordable makeup can be found so easily online makes up for this - you could purchase several products on less expensive makeup sites for the same amount that you would spend on one product at a physical retail store. 

When buying makeup online, shipping is something that you may have to pay extra for. However, most cheap makeup websites will offer free shipping with a minimum spend - if you’ve got a few different products you need to buy, this could very well be the most cost-effective option. 

Invest in High-Quality Makeup Brushes

Makeup application is key when it comes to a flawless face, and for this, you need quality makeup brushes. Again, quality doesn’t have to mean a huge expense - there are many cheap makeup brushes out there that will do just as good a job as their pricier counterparts, so long as you choose the right ones. 

The best way to ensure that you’re covered when it comes to makeup brushes is by investing in a brush set. Choose a set that provides all of the options, meaning a variety of both face and eye brushes, and make sure that it has been designed to be used with a range of different makeup formulas. 

Don’t forget to also regularly clean your makeup brushes, as this will help them last for so much longer.  

Wait for the Sales  

Whether you’re shopping on Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween, Labor Day, or anything else, makeup companies are constantly hosting various cosmetic sales. Especially during the holiday seasons, brands will often curate gift guides for easy shopping and discounted prices. These are a great opportunity to bag yourself some clearance makeup.  

Even better, some brands also offer year-round makeup sales online. The next time you are browsing cheap makeup sites, click on over to their Sale section to get yourself some discount makeup products. Many of these makeup sales are only available for a limited amount of time - to make sure that you don’t miss out, consider subscribing to a few different email lists, so that you are informed each time a new cosmetic sale begins. 

Take Inventory to Decide What You Actually Need

Just about everyone has a few lesser-used products lying neglected at the bottom of their makeup bag or drawer. It’s easy to forget about these after a while, meaning that you’re then likely to go and purchase the same product again. 

Before shopping for makeup, always take a quick inventory of what you’ve already got. This will ensure that you don’t end up wasting money on duplicates. 

To save time in the future, try keeping your makeup organized. A dedicated makeup case with multiple compartments that are large enough to carry all of your cosmetics will enable you to see everything all at once, making it easier to work out what you actually need. 

Look Into Expiration Dates

Whether you go for designer brands or discount makeup, all makeup products have an expiration date. These vary quite a bit, but certain products are known for having a much longer shelf life than others. 

For example, mascara is usually only good for three months after it has been opened, whereas dry makeup, such as a powdered foundation, will last for a couple of years. Therefore, it makes sense to spend a larger portion of your budget on longer-lasting formulas, while going for cheaper options when it comes to those with a shorter shelf life. 

When you first start shopping for makeup with a budget in mind, your options may seem pretty restrictive. However, once you know how to find cheap makeup that also happens to be high quality, you will see that you really do have so much choice. Even the tightest budget doesn’t need to hold you back from finding affordable makeup that is capable of creating flawless looks.