Summer is officially over, which means it's now time to welcome in some Fall makeup trends! From the outrageous to the subtle, here are the “it” makeup looks you need to know to stun all season long! 


18 color Galaxy Chic palette

The metallics trend is one that works for just about everyone, no matter your skin tone, eye color or hair color. Whether you go big or keep it minimal, the way in which metallic makeup beautifully reflects away the light never fails to give the face a glowing sheen. 

Metallics are easiest to pull off on the eyes - look for ultra-reflective eyeshadow pigments, and either use these on their own or layer them with a different finish. If you want to take the trend further, a long-lasting, metallic lipstick is guaranteed to make a statement.  

Glowy, Natural Skin

Paradise Hydrating Primer

Many struggle to achieve the natural look with their makeup, but with bright and glowing skin being on trend this season, now is the perfect time to try. A pre-makeup skin care routine is a must to fully prep your skin, which can be followed up with a layer of an illuminating primer

Whether you’re going to really bare it all or need to cover up a few blemishes first, finish your look with a setting spray to enhance that radiance. Don’t forget to also keep a hydrating face mist with you throughout the day for an on-the-go glow. 

Bold Lips

Take Me Back To Brazil palette

It doesn’t get any simpler than bold lips - simply swiping on an impactful color can truly transform your look. To keep it toned down, pair your color-drenched pout with subtle eyes, leaving your lips to do all the talking.  

Those who are new to lipstick should go for a classic pink or red, while those who want to unleash their creativity could experiment with a teal or purple.  

Floating Liner

Get the glow up with our NEW OMG Glitter!

If you haven’t yet tried out the floating liner look for yourself, now is the time to experiment. Its beauty comes from how adaptable it is - there are literally thousands of ways in which you could play this one out, making it easy to create a signature look that’s really your own. 

Floating liner looks incredible in just about every color and finish, whether you go for a light matte or a bold metallic. The key to achieving that sought-after precision lies in the tools you use - a firm liner brush is a must, no matter the eye shape you’re working with. 

Rich Jewel Tones

Take Me Back to Brazil

Rich and earthy jewel tones usually tend to become popular each year when the colder weather rolls in, and 2020 is no exception. Jewel-toned eyeliners and eyeshadows will add depth and complexity to your look, and there are so many suitable colors to choose from. 

Pick your shade based on your eye color; brown eyes are best complemented by jade or plum, rust and gold highlight hazel or blue eyes, and topaz and amethyst are good options for gray or green eyes. 

Lightly Structured Brows

sugary pink Cotton Candy shadow

Brows have been the center of attention for a while, but Fall 2020 takes things down a notch by giving brows a lighter and more subtle touch. Heavy is out and sheer is in, meaning that you want to add subtle definition without making your brows look overdone. 

To achieve this, you’ll need a thin-tipped pencil for creating hair-like strokes, as well as something slightly wider for shading. Don’t go for identical shades though - opting for two that are very slightly different will give your brows more dimension, meaning a natural-looking finish. 

Blue Eyeshadow 

celestial shades from Galaxy Chic + a vibrant pop of Take Me Back To Brazil

Blue is set to be the hottest shadow color for Fall 2020, and with this hue being surprisingly versatile. A light swipe of color on your lids will brighten up your eyes, while a heavier-handed blue look is always an attention-grabber. 

Go for an eyeshadow palette that contains several blue shades to give you more options. It will take some experimenting before you discover which shade of blue best complements your eyes. 

The eyes are set to be the star of the show for this season, with most of the “it” makeup looks focused on showcasing this part of the face. However, trends are only a starting point - don’t be afraid to get creative with each look, giving them some of your own unique personality and style. Thinking about the Holidays? Head here to sign up to hear first about our Holiday Launch.